Top 20 Small Business Sales Tools For 2022

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Sales Tools are Apps and Software used by sales professionals to make their job easier. Today, we shall look at the top 20 hot cake sales tools for 2022.

To stay competitive, small businesses have to work smarter, and that means employing tools that support the sales process, from the very first touchpoint to the final delivery.

Sales are about understanding your customers, building strong relationships, and providing a solution customers genuinely need.

In fact, many small businesses have turned to content marketing and starting to brand new blogs in an attempt to boost sales.

They use whitepapers, blog posts, and downloadable guides to bring in leads. Some even focus on using bio links and social media platforms like Instagram to organically grow their brand and following.

These are the top 20 small business tools for this year…


1. ProofHub

Anyone running a business whether physical or digital knows how essential it is to stay organized and collaborate with teams and clients.

That’s why I recommend ProofHub, the ultimate and all-in-one project management and collaboration tool to keep your team on task and your deadlines in check.

With ProofHub, you can assign various tasks to the appropriate team member, utilize kanban boards to visualize your workflows, and even chat with team members on the platform itself.

The custom dashboard makes it easier than ever to see what’s going on with your team, what tasks should be prioritized, and even company announcements:

2. Hunter

If you ever run a cold outreach campaign, you should know how time-consuming it is to collect prospects’ email addresses, then verify them, and after that draft, send, and track cold email campaigns.

Hunter makes it all extremely easy. They collected all of the tools needed for successful cold outreach in one place allowing you to automate every step of the process.

You can easily find anyone’s email address with Email Finder, Domain Search, and Author Finder depending on the final data you want to receive (list of all people working for a specific company or just a single specialist).

Besides that, Hunter allows you to verify all of the email addresses you found with them or if you found them in a different source with Email Verifier.

3. UniTel Voice

Every time a prospect calls your business it’s an opportunity to close a sale. But when you’re an on-the-go salesperson or a busy entrepreneur, you’re not always at your desk.

That’s why it is critical to have a modern business phone system that keeps you connected no matter where you go. And that’s where UniTel Voice can help you succeed:

UniTel Voice is a virtual phone system that lets you run your business from anywhere, on any device. Whether you’re at home, at the office, or on the go, you’ll never miss an opportunity to connect with a potential customer and sound professional.

4. Beaconstac

If you’re not already using QR codes in your business, you’ll soon discover just how handy they are. You can use QR codes to improve brand awareness, offer discounts and coupon codes, and even streamline administrative tasks.

Whether you use QR codes for internal measures such as employee ID cards or document verification, or customer-facing on product packaging and business cards, I highly recommend Beaconstac to automate your QR code creation process.

You can almost always implement these with any locally based businesses, but even digital businesses will find them to be useful.

5. ProProfs Quiz Maker

Social media marketing is quite saturated with advertising, but it is still highly relevant for businesses of all sizes.

This poses a significant challenge for small businesses that have limited resources to build their online presence and generate leads.

You can use this online software to easily create highly engaging and shareable quizzes to boost engagement through your website and any social media platform.

It supports 15+ question types, is equipped with 100+ customization settings, and comes with a massive question bank containing 1 million+ ready-to-use questions.

6. Spendesk

Spendesk is built to help employees spend easily at work while giving finance teams complete control over every dollar, pound, and euro spent.

Users have access to physical expense cards, which can be used like company credit cards but are customizable and far more secure. They can also create virtual cards to spend online, and can completely automate the expense report process.

This is a huge productivity booster because these automation tools cut down on the time spent during end-of-month closing.

7. BirdEye

Whether it is prospects or customers when they reach out to a business, they want nothing but the most prompt responses to their questions.

BirdEye’s all-in-one customer experience platform helps businesses keep on top of all prospects and customer interactions.

BirdEye’s comprehensive interactions platform provides one single messaging platform for your team to connect with leads and customers through texting, live chat, and bulk messaging.

It gives you the ability to convert more website visitors into leads. Through one unified inbox, BirdEye notifies you each time a customer messages your business, whether it’s through Facebook, SMS texting, or LiveChat.

8. Eversign

Eversign’s intuitive e- signature tool enables users to prepare, sign and manage contracts online from any device, without having to print or scan them.

Eversign meets the most stringent security and authentication requirements. Once a document is signed, it is legally binding and enforceable in court.

Documents are securely stored in an encrypted cloud infrastructure. eversign’s comprehensive audit trail keeps track of every past and present transaction.

Users can create multiple businesses and teams, assign roles and control every team member’s access rights.

9. Right Inbox

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to convert prospects. When it comes to growing your small business with better tools, a good email platform should be high on your list.

The only issue is: most email platforms are clunky and require third-party software. With Right Inbox, you can integrate directly with your business G-Suite for ease of use:

With features from scheduling campaigns to drip emails and more, Right Inbox covers all the bases for stellar email marketing, no matter the goal.

10. Google Drive for Business

Keeping files organized is a headache for even the most organized business owner.

Whether it’s infographics for content and sales or more importantly, private documents, storage is required.

If you are using contractors or part-time employees, files can quickly get overwhelming. Google Drive for business is a cloud-based file manager that allows you to store and sync files across multiple devices.

Additionally, Google allows users to track changes in documents, add comments, upload a variety of media, create folders and subfolders, and share documents with other users. It is an incredibly powerful file manager.

If you use Gmail personally, you may already be familiar with Google Drive. However, the business version has several additional features you don’t get with the free version of Google Drive.

For around $5 a month, Google Drive for Business gives you:

  • Double the storage space (you can also upgrade to unlimited for around $10 per month)
  • 24/7 customer support by phone
  • Auditing capabilities, which lets an admin see where files have been shared and who accesses each file
  • Admin tools that allow you to control granular details, such as who can access files offline, who can sync, etc.
  • Access to an API, so you can code additional features

For the price, you can’t beat the storage and power of Google Drive for Business.

11. BIGContacts

Personalization lies at the heart of strong customer relationships.

By engaging more personally with your prospects and customers, you can enhance customer satisfaction and consequently improve your profitability. BIGContacts is a powerful and intuitive CRM tool that lets you accomplish this easily.

BIGContacts is a comprehensive customer relationship management tool that lets you track and manage sales opportunities using a custom pipeline. The tool allows you to keep track of the previous interactions, upcoming activities, preferences, and other essential information related to prospects and customers.

It also enables you to deliver personalized follow-up emails, automate redundant tasks and get a detailed calendar view of all pending tasks.

It also has a powerful reporting module that enables you to stay on top of your business data without any hassle.

Moreover, BIGContacts lets you manage customer data and relationships from anywhere, using any mobile device. And if you ever get stuck somewhere, delightful support is available 24×7 to help you out.

12. NordVPN

In this day and age, securing data privacy is as crucial as ever. With hacks and breaches happening all around us, we’ve got to make every effort to keep our data private.

That’s why I recommend NordVPN as one of the top VPNs for private internet access. If you don’t have your own dedicated access to your office, then you’ll definitely want to invest in a VPN.

Don’t worry, though, they’re super cheap (less than $10/month). I personally always use one when on public WiFi networks like at the airport or my local Starbucks, as you never know when the guy sitting next to you might be a hacker.

The provider that comes out on top for me is NordVPN in terms of speed and reliability. If you ever find yourself updating your CRM from Starbucks or elsewhere, then this is definitely one tool you can’t afford to skip out on.

13. GoToMeeting

If you work with a remote team or have clients around the globe, you need a solid video conferencing tool to stay connected. There are several options on the market, but GoToMeeting stands out for several reasons.

The program downloads in seconds and allows users to share meeting links seamlessly. You get a personal ‘meeting room’ with a set URL, which makes hosting recurring meetings easier.

Plus, attendees can join on their computer or mobile device, which makes it convenient for everyone.

14. Lastpass

Every business needs a password manager. Cybersecurity has arguably never been more important. While technology progresses, so do hackers and the ability to compromise your data.

When looking to grow your business, having a password manager can help with countless tasks.

For example, new employee onboarding, working with other agencies who need access to your credentials, maintaining data privacy, etc.

Lastpass is your best bet:

15. Loganix

If you run a small business and you are looking to generate more sales, you need to step up the quality of your services.

For example, let’s say you run an SEO or SaaS agency and want to drive more customers. To do so, you likely will need better social proof. And to get that, you’ll need expert-level value delivered to each and every customer.

Sometimes, this can take decades of experience to harness. Fortunately, agencies like Loganix exist, allowing you to resell their services as a white label.

16. Salesforce

Data-driven marketing is only as good as the system you use to track it. If, for example, you aren’t connecting across platforms or are failing to integrate traffic and campaign data, you could be making costly mistakes.

Salesforce is a powerhouse in the CRM industry, offering a full-fledged CRM solution designed with features for both small and large businesses. It allows you to unify channels, trigger messages based on customer actions, and offer better customer support.

There are seriously too many features to cover them all, but favorites include contact management, collaboration tools, digital marketing tools, and more — all designed to increase the productivity of your sales team.

17. Dropbox

So, we already talked about using Dropbox’s competitor, Google Drive, to organize your files. Do you really need Dropbox, too?

Maybe, particularly if your company is active in the online space. Dropbox allows for file syncing across devices, file sharing, and more.

Compared to Google, Dropbox stands out when it comes to speed and convenience. Dropbox users do not have to have a Google account and get access to more advanced features such as the ability to password protect files and set an expiration date for file links.

18. SurveyMonkey

How do your customers or prospects view your company? What do they like or dislike about your sales approach? Is there a niche solution you could be offering that you currently do not? The answers to these questions can help streamline your sales process and even build new products.

So, how do you get this information and organize it so it can be used effectively? By using an online survey tool.

Survey Monkey is one of the most popular online survey tools, offering easy-to-build surveys and polls you can use to be more competitive — including tracking and leveraging your Net Promoter Score.

19. ShipBob

Two-day shipping is now the norm. If you want to compete with Amazon this year, you need lightning-fast shipping.

And when you can’t compete yourself, you need a third-party logistics company (3PL) that has strategic warehouses and storage across the country to help you sell.

So if you run an eCommerce business today, making the sale is only the first step. After closing it, you need a strong order fulfillment provider to ensure the customer receives their product in a reasonable time.

As Amazon takes over the eCommerce market, many small businesses are struggling to compete, which is where ShipBob comes in.

20. BuzzSprout

Podcasting has become one of the best ways to attract new customers to your business, brand, and more.

While podcasting might not seem like a direct sales tool, it actually is. In fact, it’s a form of inbound sales.

Podcasts work to both build your brand awareness and even drive direct, high-converting traffic to your website.

By podcasting and creating content in your niche, you can show thought leadership and build a curated audience who will buy your product or service.


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