30 Heartwarming Poems About Friendship To Share With Students

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It’s hard to describe how a good companion can change our lives. We may have family, but we don’t choose them. We choose friends, and sometimes they become our family. Knowing you’ve got someone by your side makes journeying through life a little easier. Here are some of the best poems about friendship to share with students. While you’re reading this list, text your bestie to let them know how much you love them!

Best Poems About Friendship

The Cake of Friendship by Michelle Flores

“Preheat the oven of love …”

“The friendship we have is so rare to find.”

“The best of friends can change a frown …”

4. A Friend by Gillian Jones

“A person who will listen and not condemn …”

True Friends by Ashley Campbell

“A friend is like a star that twinkles and glows …”

“We are friends, I’ve got your back …”

“We had our good days and we had our bad …”

“Every time I see you I show a smile to you.”

You Will Always Be My Friend by Dharvi Shah

“You were my best friend.”

“I remember when we met …”

“When I first met you, you greeted me with a smile.”

“When I was a young girl …”

Since Hanna Moved Away by Judith Viorst

“The tires on my bike are flat …”

“Every time I trusted someone, it blew up in my face, for I have no grace.”

“In the neighborhood where I was raised …”

“Childhood friends? I hope we still are.”

Not Here, Exactly by Joanna Fuhrman

“I found your letter …”

18. Sisters by Lucille Clifton

“me and you be sisters …”

“If I were to live my life …”

“As late I rambled in the happy fields …”

This morning I pray for my enemies by Joy Harjo

“And whom do I call my enemy?”

“Otis on vinyl carries from the barn.”

23. Travelling by William Wordsworth

“This is the spot:—how mildly does the sun …”

“And a youth said, Speak to us of Friendship.”

Sudden Friendship by Elsa Gidlow

“Yesterday we walked apart …”

“You feeble few that hold me somewhat more …”

My Friend Tree by Lorine Niedecker

“My friend tree, I sawed you down …”

“So we, who’ve supped the self-same cup …”

29. If You Knew by Ruth Muskrat Bronson

“If you could know the empty ache of loneliness …”

30. Red Brocade by Naomi Shihab Nye

Red Brocade by Naomi Shihab Nye

“The Arabs used to say …”

Want to add to our list of the best poems about friendship? Share in the comments below!

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