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Have you felt the barrage of information coming at you in the past few years?

There is so much wonderful content out there for homeschoolers, but sometimes – in the process of trying to consume that content – I have become overwhelmed. Then, I have wasted time and become discouraged in the process.

Because I now have the “long view” of homeschooling, my heart is to share only the very best information with you. You need excellent resources, inspirational (and educational!) books, things of beauty – and sometimes just something to make you laugh.

Enter the Friday Focus.

Friday Focus - a weekly email you can use from Homegrown Learners

The Friday Focus

Each Friday morning (around 7 a.m. ET) I will send you an email. It will contain 4 simple things:

  • A Homeschool Tip

  • A Book Recommendation

  • Something Interesting

  • Something Beautiful

Friends, that’s it.

Your time is valuable. Your children are growing quickly and deserve not but the best, and I want to help.

Fill out the form below and begin receiving your Friday Focus! I hope this blesses you and makes your homeschool endeavors a little more easy and a little more joyful, too!

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