Jamb CBT App To Score 300+ In 2023

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The FlashLearners Jamb CBT App is Best Jamb Learning App to Score 300+ in 2023. The Jamb App Features Over 18,000 Past And Likely Questions Offline, Recommended Novels, Competitions to Win ₦30,000, etc.

Jamb Repeats Or Twists Questions. With the FlashLearners Jamb CBT App, you get Areas of Concentration, Repeated Questions, and Watch Jamb Videos.

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The Flashlearners Applications are available for Phones, Laptops, and Desktops. You can Install as an Individual or Institution.
Updated Jamb CBT App


Features Of FlashLearners Jamb App

The Latest Version of FlashLearners Jamb CBT App Introduces the following Updates…

  1. Errors In Questions Solved
  2. Introduction of Offline User Profile
  3. Complete redesign of the leaderboard
  4. High Score and Video Notifications
  5. Get Discounts and Earn Using Coupon Codes
  6. Updated UTME (and other exams) Challenge
  7. Introduction of Educational Games
  8. Lots of UI Re-design
  9. Updated Questions and Answers

12 Reasons To Get Jamb CBT App

  1. 20k+ Questions Offline – Practice Jamb Jamb and Likely past questions from 24 Jamb subjects with detailed explanations. No Internet Connection Required to Learn.
  2. Practice By Topics – Gain expertise in any topic by practicing questions from any topic of interest.
  3. You can Practice Many subjects at once – You can practice all four subjects at a time.
  4. Jamb Recommended Novels – Revise the recommended literature with over 350 likely questions
  5. Voice (Text-To-Speech) – You can listen to questions and explanations in an interesting way.
  6. Intelligent Personal Assistant – Get real-time advice on what topic to improve upon after each practice by voice.
  7. Built-In Calculator – Use the built-in calculator to crunch numbers without leaving the exam interface.
  8. Rich Result Analysis – Get a detailed analysis of how you perform on any exam.
  9. Bookmarks – Bookmark any question that you wish to view later.
  10. Decide Everything – Easily change the number of Questions, Exam year, exam time and exam Mode.
  11. Does Not Expire – The Apk Continues to function as long as your phone, laptop or desktop stays alive!
  12. No Subscription Fee – Once activated, forever activated for all subjects!

Subjects In FlashLeaners Jamb App

  1. Jamb Sweet Sixteen Novel
  2. Jamb Accounts
  3. Agricultural Science
  4. Jamb Arabic Answers
  5. Jamb Biology Questions
  6. Jamb Chemistry
  7. Jamb Commerce Questions
  8. Jamb CRK/CRS
  9. Economics Jamb Questions
  10. Fine Art Que And Ans
  11. French Questions for Jamb
  12. Jamb Geography
  13. Jamb Government
  14. History Questions for Jamb
  15. Home Economics Questions
  16. Jamb Igbo Answers
  17. IRK Jamb Questions
  18. Literature in English
  19. Jamb Mathematics Questions
  20. Jamb Use Of English Questions
  21. Jamb Music Questions & Answers
  22. Jamb Physics Questions And Answers
  23. Jamb Yoruba Questions and Answers
  24. Hausa Jamb Questions and Answers

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Note: Flashlearners is NOT affiliated with JAMB. The questions are previous Jamb questions and are meant to help you practice for the real exam. Please do not request the actual questions because we do not have access to it and we will never make effort to do so.

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