12 Tips To Overcome Inner Distractions While Studying

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Have you ever tried to concentrate on what you are studying but random thoughts keep jumping in and out of your mind? These are internal distractions and they are very common.

Internal distractions come as a result of your own drives such as your thoughts, your conflicts, and your worries. They come from inside of you. This implies that you can read in the quietest environment and still get distracted.

On the other hand, external distractions result from something outside of yourself such as loud noises, other people disturbing you, loud music, smells, heat, cold and so on.

In my article on how to study for long hours without losing concentration, I mentioned that you should switch locations if you are distracted while reading. However, changing location won’t solve your problem if the distraction comes from within.

Now, a question comes to mind, How do I stop the things that keep bothering my mind and stay focused while studying for exams? See the steps to overcome distractions while studying below:


1. Understand Your Mood

Ensure you’re in a good mood before studying. A bad mood can greatly affect your level of assimilation and love for books. Don’t study when you are tired, confused or upset.

Try to put yourself in a good mood before you pick up any book to study. If you have 99 reasons not to be in the mood, look for 1 reason to be in the mood to study. This is one habit of successful students.

2. Remind Yourself

Sometimes talking to yourself works. Remind yourself that you need to focus. Anytime you are losing focus due to distractions within, tell yourself “be here now”.

There is time for everything in this life. When it is time to study, always remind yourself to “Facebook”. Remove your mind from past events that may take your attention (whether good or bad).

3. Best Conducive Environment

If where you study constantly reminds you of a bitter experience, then you have to switch. For example, a friend of mine broke up with his girlfriend but kept getting distracted whenever he sees her writing on the table where they used to study together.

Read in different places and find out where gives you the best result. Also, find out the best study time for you and you alone.

4. Read With Someone

One of the best ways to cure internal distractions is to study with someone. Immediately you get involved in active reading and discussing with someone, internal distractions will go.

Group reading makes it easier for you to remember what you have studied. If possible, explained what you have understood so far to someone. This will make you understand up to 90% of what you have read.

5. Study with Earpiece

For some, reading along with their favorite songs helps them focus and forget worries. However, if songs keep reminding you of your heartbreaks, then it is not good for you.

In essence, try reading with music to see if it works for you. Also, confirm whether you can still remember what you studied with an earpiece. Otherwise, dump it.

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6. Take A Break In Between Study

Your brain gets saturated when you study for too long without break. This could make you begin to get distracted. Try to take short breaks as you study to calm yourself down and suppress all worries.

7. Plan Your Study

When you’ve got an exam coming up, it’s easy to think you need to study everything. This will mat unnecessary pressure on you. Instead, break down the topics in parts.

Say something like, I will study two comprehension passages today and read idioms tomorrow. With this, you will be less distracted.

8. Limit External Distractions

Make sure no much external noise, turn off or silent your phone…

A single call or message can destroy the attention you are trying to build. Calls and messages remind you of different things.

If possible, turn off your phone completely while you study. But if you are studying with the phone, face your studies and let texting, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp and other distractions be.

9. Switch Subjects & Topics

When you study a particularly difficult topic for too long, it seizes to be fun. This will make internal distractions grow stronger. Switch subjects or topics to enjoy what you are studying.

10. Fear Of Failure Should Wait

Fear of failure could cause internal distractions. Fear makes your mind jump from what you are reading to how you are going to fail the exam. Don’t be scared that you will fail the test. Even if you have to, not while you are studying.

11. Eat Before Reading

If you are hungry, it will be hard for you to focus on your studies. After all, a hungry man is an angry man. Ensure you take something light before reading. Else, your mind will keep drawing your attention to food and negative thoughts. Also, Drink plenty of water while studying to avoid internal distraction.

12. Sleep When You Feel Like

The truth of the matter is that you cannot cheat nature. Don’t expect to read for long hours when you have already deprived yourself of sleep. Always have enough rest before picking up a book to study. Sleep can really increase internal distractions.

Conclusion: Both internal and external distractions are not good for you. However, you can overcome them. The methods above will work for you whether you are preparing for high school exam, scholarships, college/university exams, Jamb, Waec, Neco and Post UTME.

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