7 Blogging Mistakes That Google Hates

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There are things Google hates: Do you know that certain blogging mistakes can make your blog disappear totally from Google results? This has happened to many bloggers and webmasters.

You can do SEO and still get penalized by Google. We call this type BLACK HAT SEO. It can make every single post and page of your blog disappear from Google. No warning and you’re just gone like your blog never even existed.

Do you really want to know the 7 mistakes that will make Google Penalize you? Worry no more because I will share everything in this post:

  1. Link farms and buying of links.
  2. Having too many broken links.
  3. Submitting your blog to the wrong link directory.
  4. Having too many low-quality and similar articles.
  5. Overusing keywords.
  6. Linking to many low-quality and pornographic sites.
  7. Having too many sneaky redirects…


Link Farms

A link farm is nothing but a website that exists solely to create links to other websites.

Backlinks remain one of the strongest Google Ranking Signals. Bloggers take advantage of this to build links the wrong way. They create different blogs and agree with the owners of other blogs to sell and share links. This is a practice that Google hates.

Instead of link farms, build backlinks organically. Let all links to your site be high quality and trustworthy. Low quality and spammy links will go a long way to hurt your ranking.

Broken Links

Both internal and external links are good for SEO. Links make it easier to access resources on the web. Too many broken links on your blog, from your blog, and to your blog can get you penalized.

As simple as the points above may seem, you could be severely penalized. Try to build high-quality links and say no to broken and spammy backlinks.

Duplicate Content

Google expects every piece of content on the internet to be unique. Google frowns at duplicate content and even more when you have much low-quality duplicate content within your blog. Make sure the content on your blog is unique and adds value.

Sneaky Redirects

A Clean user interface is good. A decent user experience is better. In whatever you do, make sure your blog users get the best experience and treatment. Don’t redirect them to fraudulent and misleading content. Allow them access exactly what they came for.

Harmful Content

Many audiences are in your blog to read Education, business, tech, legal, marketing, and other content. For such visitors, don’t link to pornographic sites, illegal arms sites, and all sorts of harmful sites. This will lead to a Google AdSense ban and a Negative Google Algorithm Update.

Keyword Stuffing

Keywords research and important in SEO. You need to optimize your keyword to enjoy good onpage SEO benefits. The funny part of things is that people use keywords to the extent that it impacts readers’ experience badly. Google hates this.

Wrong Blog Directories

The Blog directories as huge databases that list websites based on categories and subcategories. Most directories take up the whole website submitted into one category or niche rather than individual pages or posts.

It is not a crime to submit your blog to directories. However, avoid blog directories with a very high spam score. This is certainly going to affect your blog rankings.

By all means, avoid duplicate content and sneaky redirects. Google will be happy with you when your blog offers a good user experience.

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