Are You Listening for the Voice of Homeschooling?

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What is Homeschooling telling you so far this year?

  • Can you hear Homeschooling letting you know what is working and what is not working?
  • Can you hear Homeschooling telling you what you might need to change in a big way and what you need to tweak a little?
  • Is Homeschooling sitting on your shoulder and whispering that your curriculum really will work out if you just give it a little longer?
  • Or is Homeschooling shouting THIS IS REALLY NOT WORKING?
  • Maybe Homeschooling is asking you to do a little more homework—to learn more about the different ways people homeschool, the ways homeschooling is not like school, the ways to interpret your child’s resistance to homeschooling as communication instead of willfulness.

‘Cause Homeschooling will speak to you, my friend—just as Homeschooling has spoken to me!

What is homeschooling telling you?

Homeschooling will suggest changes you never imagined considering. Homeschooling will celebrate with you when you have a great day. Homeschooling will hum in your ear in the background when things are going well and even just well enough. Because well enough really is well enough!

Are you listening? Sometimes it’s hard to hear the wisdom of Homeschooling in the midst of busy days and resistant days and hopeful days. Take a walk or sip your favorite tea or journal out what is going through your mind about where things are with your kids. You’ll hear the voice of Homeschooling coaching you, offering ideas, providing support, pointing out the moments of joy, reminding you that it’s a process.

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You will learn to homeschool by homeschooling. Listening deeply to your own experience of homeschooling—that little voice of Homeschooling deep inside you or hovering just over you—will pave the possibility to happier, healthier homeschool days with your children.

Looking forward,

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