NIN Would Be Used For Jamb UTME 2023

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Jamb first announced the use of the National Identification Number (NIN) for 2020 registration. NIN was then suspended a few days after Jamb Registration began for 2020. Now, NIN is Compulsory to Register Jamb 2023.

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In 2020, Jamb Candidates didn’t have enough time to Enrol NIN. Various NIN enrolment centers were congested and no hope that everyone will be able to Enrol before the Jamb deadline.

The case is now different as NIN is needed for Jamb 2023 Registration for both UTME and Direct Entry Candidates.

Jamb will use National Identification Number (NIN) as criteria for Jamb UTME and Direct Entry Registration come 2023. Many parents and candidates are already aware that NIN for Jamb is a must.

There are five reasons Jamb will use NIN for 2023 Jamb registration:

  1. There is enough time for NIN Registration
  2. NIN has made Jamb registration easier.
  3. NIN solves some Jamb registration issues.
  4. NIN has reduced impersonation
  5. It is right for everyone to have NIN


Enough Time for NIN Registration

The Federal Government announced the use of NIN for sim registration recently, there is enough time and enough awareness.

Jamb candidates won’t have an excuse not to register and the Nigerian senate won’t be able to interfere with the issue anymore. Jamb will use NIN for this year Jamb because there is enough time for registration.

NIN Makes Jamb Registration Easier

The National Identification Number makes registration for Jamb very easy. Most of your details will already be in the NIMC database. What Jamb just needs is to pull out your details and you are done with registration. You don’t need to fill in your details or send your full names to create a Jamb Profile.

NIN Solves Jamb Registration Issues

Before now, creating a Jamb profile requires you to send your names to 55019. Most candidates make mistakes in the spelling and arrangement of their names. With NIN, you won’t have to make that mistake anymore. All you need is to send your NIN to 55019.

Apart from mistakes in Names, mistakes in the Local government areas, date of birth, and age will be eliminated if Jamb starts using NIN.

NIN will reduce impersonation and it is good for every citizen of Nigeria to have their National Identification Number.

Why You Should Get NIN Now

Apart from using NIN for Jamb registration, there are many things that will require you to enroll for NIN. A big example of such is undergraduate scholarships when you finally gain admission.

Every student wants as many scholarship opportunities while in school. Now, you need to supply your NIN to be able to register with Scholastica and other scholarship bodies in Nigeria. If you have NIN now, you won’t be rushing to Enrol.

In addition, you need the NIN slip to resolve issues at the bank. You even need it to apply for certain stuff outside the bank and scholarships. NIN is your means of identification. The good news is that it doesn’t expire. Therefore, you will never regret getting your NIN slip now.

Finally, I recommend that you get your National Identification Number as soon as possible. What if Jamb insists on using it in 2023 Jamb? Do you want to wait till that time before you start running up and down and sleeping in the queue?

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