Pipe Cleaner Constellations

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This pipe cleaner constellation activity is an engaging and concrete way of helping young children understand constellations.

As adults, it is easier for us to look at a constellation diagram in a book and then look up in the night sky and translate it to the stars that are light years away and light years apart from each other.

But for young children, trying to make that connection can be a bit confusing. Hands-on activities like these pipe cleaner constellations are an effective learning tool. I liken it to teaching children division and multiplication using manipulatives, like beans or candies, where they can represent the concepts with actual items.

Plus, making pipe cleaner constellations is We used purple and black sparkly pipe cleaners, chenille sticks, and purple and pink star-shaped beads.

pipe cleaner constellations gather a few materials and enjoy

We have a free constellations printable that you can request below that includes 16 constellation cards and another painting activity. (If you download our printable pack, you might want to pick up some glow-in-the-dark paint when purchasing the craft supplies for this activity.)

Plus, we have this post about making a night sky with additional information about constellations. You may want to cover this material with your children too.

How to Make Pipe Cleaner Constellations!

I do advise you have plenty of pipe cleaners on hand. Some of the more involved constellations can require three sticks. So, purchase more, save the receipt, and return what you don’t use. Or keep the supplies for other projects. 😊

Yield: 1+

Pipe Cleaner Constellations

Pipe Cleaner Constellations

Pipe cleaner constellations help are not only fun, but provide children with a concrete representation of constellations. Those invisible lines we use in the night sky to create constellations come to life with this engaging activity.

Prep Time
5 minutes

Active Time
30 minutes

Total Time
35 minutes


  • Pipe cleaners or chenille sticks. The exact number of packs will vary depending on how many are in the pack and how many children are doing the activity. I’d go with at least one pack per child.
  • Beads with holes in them. You can use pony beads. We used star-shaped beads.
  • Scissors that will cut the wire of the chenille sticks
  • Constellation cards form the printable pack

pipe cleaner constellations


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