Spooktacular October Activities for Elementary Students

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No matter the age of the students, October is an exciting time. Some love hayrides and picking out pumpkins. However, others love anything spooky. October activities include the scariest costumes, seeing all the bats and spiders, and going through haunted houses.

What are your favorite October activities for students? Do you love measuring pumpkins, writing about bats and spiders or talking about costumes?  This is the. month where students are settled into the routine and you can explore all your ideas for a spooky October!

Our elementary students have a massive range of interests during October. Thankfully, this incredible list of spooktacular October activities ensures there is something exciting for everyone! 

Craftivities for the Season 

Students love to use their creativity! Honestly, they can only sit behind a screen or use paper and pencil for so long. They need time to express themselves in other ways. Importantly, they can still do this through educational activities. For instance, The Real Me Halloween Craftivity allows students to focus on who they are. While it is fun to dress up, students must be true to themselves. This craft allows them to do exactly that! 

A fun Halloween craft for elementary students to complete during the month of October. The Real Me helps students write and draw about themselves through a variety of writing prompts. Students reflect on what makes them feel scared, how they feel safe, and who helps them. The craft comes with over 47 different Halloween costumes. Students can choose their own pictures! #halloweencraftivity #halloweencraft #growthmindset

There can be so much laughter during the fall season with everything there is to do. However, it can also be lonely. Thankfully, the Halloween Kindness Treat Bag allows students to focus on treating others. Instead of candy, they will do this through kindness activities. To ensure students see the impact of being kind, they will reflect on their life. This includes thinking back to times someone showed them kindness and times they showed someone kindness. Students will have all the treats they need when they have supportive people! 

A fun Halloween craft for elementary students to complete during the month of October. The Halloween Treat Bag has students write about turning a trick into a treat. It focuses on developing kindness and reflecting on what to do when someone is going through something and how they can show kindness to that person. #halloweencraftivity #halloweencraft #growthmindset #actsofkindness

Teaching Ideas for October

Honestly, there are so many Spooktacular October activities! Thankfully, this means there is something for every classroom and every student’s interest. 

Teach about Animals during October

Students love animals! Whenever teachers can incorporate them, student interest soars. Now, the Halloween Animal Articles do not focus on just any animals. They focus on spooky bats, creepy, crawling spiders, howling owls, and many more! Articles include vocabulary, graphic organizers, comprehension activities, and writing pages. Students will love these passages!

One of my favorite writing activities is All About Bats! Students research about this spooky animal and write a paragraph all about bat facts!

October Stories Students Love

Similar to animals, stories love to listen to stories. Whether they are about pumpkins, black cats, or monsters, there is something so special about listening to a book or poem. Thankfully, the QR Code Halloween Stories and Favorite October Books have so many incredible ideas! With the QR Code options, students can even listen to a story of their own choice. After all, there is only one of me for over 20 students! 

Hands-on Learning October Activities

Students cannot just sit at their desks all day. They need to explore content and manipulate objects. Thankfully, fall is the perfect time to bring in festive activities! For instance, the Pumpkin Measurement Activity allows students to learn all about measurement! There can even be a carving station where students can count the number of seeds inside! Students can even complete Halloween Science Activities to learn about the scientific method. There are many fun activities, such as vanishing ghosts and apple volcanoes!

We started our measurement unit this Fall by measuring the attributes of pumpkins. Students had fun working with their team to explore their pumpkins AND this pumpkin activity made a great introduction to measurement. Get a FREE copy of the student sheets for this pumpkin exploration! #pumpkins #fall #measurement #secondgrademath #pumpkinexploration #pumpkinmeasurement

Moon Study Science Exploration during October

Fall is the perfect time for students to explore outside. The weather is not too hot and not too cold. Additionally, the fall sky is stunning. Therefore, it is the perfect time for students to learn about space! The Solar System & Planets Reading Passages and Research contain fascinating information! Students will love learning all about our planets. Likewise, students will love doing a moon study and sharing the phase from the night before. The Moon Phase Study even provides so much guidance and support to students. They will love learning about moon rotation and revolution. Since students will be fascinated while learning about space, they can even explore Movement of the Earth. This will allow students to learn how mornings turn to night and fall changes to winter. 

Would you like a FREE Halloween Measurement activity? Click the image below to sign up to have it delivered to your inbox!

Have some fun measuring a variety of Halloween creatures with this FREE Halloween Measurement Math Resource. It makes a great math center during the month of October and reinforces centimeter and inch measurement processes. #measurement #halloweenmath #math #measuringwitharuler #halloweenfun #freemathresources

Other Crafting Ideas that Make Great October Activities

Students love crafts! Luckily, there are so many amazing Spooktacular October activities. 

Painting Craft Ideas for October

Painting is a student-favorite activity. After reading the Halloween Animal Articles, students can pick an animal and try to paint it. It is always so much fun to see their creations!

If you have some extra time, consider directed drawing activities throughout the month.

Paper Craft Ideas for October

Going to an orchard to pick fresh apples is always fun. Students can create apples out of paper strips to bring this to the classroom. Teachers can even bring in measurement practice by requiring students to use strips of specific lengths. 

This apple paper craft would look great in classroom windows!

Other October Craft Ideas

Leaves are all over the ground in many areas. Allow students to bring some in from home or let them go outside together to pick some up. Then, have them write a poem about fall by incorporating the appearance of the leaf. Students can even paint one side of the leaf and then place it on the paper. It is fascinating to see all the lines and designs of the leaf! If students are too young to write, they can use their hands and fingers to design their fall tree! 

Fall is an incredible time of the year. Students know the classroom routines and are well underway in building a classroom community. Thankfully, this is the perfect time to incorporate Spooktacular October activities into lessons! 

Do you have a favorite October activity? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

More October Ideas for the Classroom

Spooktacular October Activities for Elementary Students

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