Top 10 Resources To Pass Waec 2023

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There are Hot Cake Resources you need to Start Getting Set for Waec SSCE. This Page Covers 10 Resources you need to Score High in Waec 2023.

The Top Resources you need to Pass Waec is Timetable, Waec Videos, Waec Syllabus, Waec Past Questions, Reliable Updates, CBT Quiz, Waec Recommended Books, and Brochure.


Waec Timetable 2023

Time is the most important resource given to Waec Candidates equally. What you do with Waec Time determines what Waec will do to you.

The first step to start preparing for Waec is to create a Timetable. This will help you make the best use of time and cover the most important topics. Your Waec Timetable Should Include:

  • Time for all your Subjects
  • Time for break
  • Time to Solve Past Questions
  • Time for Revision
  • Time to take Notes
  • Time for Meditation
  • Study Environment

Creating a Timetable is easy. What is more difficult is following your own schedule. This is why you need to create a realistic Waec study Timetable and do everything possible to follow it.

Don’t allow something that is not more important than Waec to spoil how you have planned to read. Understanding is key, make sure you understand a paragraph or topic before proceeding to the next. Don’t read when you are exhausted or in a very bad mood (it won’t be effective).

Waec Videos

Many Waec Candidates understand Topics better with Videos; Flashlearners has a Youtube Channel to meet your demand. You don’t need to be in the best school to have access to quality Teachings.

Flashlearners Waec Videos cover Waec Guide, Waec News, Mathematics, Use of English, Chemistry, Physics, Commerce, Marketing, Economics, etc.


Waec Past Questions

Waec Past Questions is one of the most important resources you need to prepare and pass Waec UTME 2023. Waec past questions train you for what Waec sets. It is compulsory for you to get Waec Past Questions.

Flashlearners Waec CBT App contains thousands of Waec Past Questions with detailed explanations and competition to win N30,000 as you study for Waec.

  1. Download Waec App

Waec Syllabus

Waec syllabus tells you what Waec will set. The Mathematics syllabus will let you know what Waec sets in Maths, Economics syllabus will explain what Waec sets in Economics, etc.

  1. Waec Mathematics Syllabus
  2. Waec English Syllabus
  3. Waec Economics Syllabus
  4. Waec Physics Syllabus
  5. Download All Waec Syllabus

Waec Recommended Textbooks

Not all Texts books are good for you to read for Waec; Waec recommends books for you. And based on experienced I have added certain textbooks that will boost your performance in Waec.

  1. Books To Read For Waec

Waec CBT Quiz

Flashlearners is always here for you. The Flashlearners Waec CBT Quiz is loaded with Past Questions and likely examination questions. It helps you test your level of preparedness for Waec.

Waec Guide And Series

Flashlearners is packed with amazing Waec guides to meet the need of all Waec Candidates Nationwide. The Waec series features so many Episodes to answer all your questions and worries about Waec.

The following are topics under the Flashlearners Guide:

Waec Materials

Apart from Syllabus, Recommended books, and Past Questions, there are other Materials you need to study and pass Waec. They are:

  1. More than 5 Pen at a Time
  2. Notes for Important Points
  3. Notes for Rough work or Calculations
  4. Pencil for Drawings and illustrations
  5. Time to monitor your reading
  6. Basic calculator for calculations
  7. Chair and Table to feel comfortable
  8. A conducive environment to assimilate more
  9. Your complete attention

Recommended Waec Articles

There are so many amazing articles here at to make your Waec journey very smooth. I will share a link to my favorite Waec Posts below for you to enjoy:

  1. 5 Persons you need to pass Waec
  2. Date and How to Register Waec
  3. How to study for long hours
  4. Subjects to register in Waec and Neco

Waec Attention

No matter what you have to prepare for Waec, if attention is absent, you will fail. Everyone has issues; don’t let your personal issues interfere with your career.

The persons you’re looking up to probably have more issues than you. Worries about Waec can also affect how you prepare; take life easy. Before you start reading for Waec, forget everything that bothers you. You can come back to them later.

I hope you found this guide helpful. Feel free to share with your friends using the share buttons and don’t fail to let me know how you feel using the comment box.

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