10 Qualities For A Good Job In 2023

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Dreaming of a Hot Cake Job while in school is very easy; everyone does that. The difficult task is getting a good job in reality.

There are limited vacancies to absorb the unlimited number of job seekers. This is the main reason why getting your dream job is very difficult nowadays.

Now, it is what you have in your head that will take you ahead. There are key things your employer needs. Therefore, you need to develop yourself so as to meet the requirements of your prospective employer.

In this article, I shall list and explain the paper qualifications, as well as the hot skills you need to acquire for an edge over thousands of other job seekers. Trust me, you would gain a whole lot from this guide.

  1. Communication Skills
  2. A good certificate
  3. Tech Skills
  4. Profesional Certifications
  5. Dressing Skills
  6. Driving And Swimming Skills
  7. Ability To Speak Several Languages
  8. Sound Knowledge about the company you want to work with
  9. Persistence (Learn never to give up until you get what you want)
  10. Hot Curriculum Vitae.

Take a glass of chilled water and relax while I go into details…


1. Communication Skills

According to WikipediaCommunication is the act of conveying intended meanings from one entity or group to another through the use of mutually understood signs and semiotic rules.

Communication is the most important skill you should develop as a living thing. Learn to relate with people effortlessly, and ask and answer questions. Know when to be serious and the best time to crack jokes.

You don’t need a big head to move ahead… It is only what you have in your head that can take you ahead.

Put up a charming smile that people can’t resist. This would really add value to your personality. In addition, learn to communicate effectively both verbally and in well-written English.

2. Have A Good Certificate

Although skills can earn you a living, yet, a certificate gives you class. Although a degree is not a true measure of intelligence, it gives you the opportunity to express yourself.

For example, most companies require that you graduate with first class, second class upper or lower. Graduates from Monotechnics would be required to provide a distinction, an upper or lower credit. Some jobs even require good O-level (Waec/Neco/Nabteb) results.

With anything less than the qualifications above, you won’t be granted an interview irrespective of your skills.

It is not all about what you score in class but what you score in life. However, what you score in class matters a lot to determine your class in life.

Therefore, inasmuch as you strive to acquire skills, also try to graduate with a good certificate. If you are still in school, buckle up and improve your CGPA. I have many amazing guides that can boost your result here at flashlearners.

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3. Learn Basic Tech Skills

Like I have always told you from the beginning, the world is changing at the speed of light. If you can’t change with the speed of light, try to move at the speed of sound; else, you would miss a whole lot of the “goodies” life has to offer.

One of the most required skills in this century is tech skills. You may not know how to create a database table or code Operating systems.

You may not even be a blogger or an SEO Expert like me. However, you should be able to boot and shut down a computer system. You should also be able to type, copy, format, and print documents.

Learn to do jobs online. Use Google to find solutions online. Explore your phone and Laptop. Master how these gadgets work and the specifications that make them differ.

These and many more are the things you should be very concerned about.

The problem with many young persons is that they don’t have vision. They only watch televisions.

4. Professional Certifications

One question employers ask is, “what else can you do?”.

Now, let me ask you the question, what can you do outside your certificate? The place of professional certificates and affiliations in job interviews cannot be overemphasized. They give you a sharp edge over fellow job seekers.

You can get certain professional certificates from Seminars, symposiums,s and as a result of your positions in certain organizations. This is a wise step to get a hot job in 2020.

Killing time is not murder but suicide. What is the best use of your time right now?

5. Dressing Skills

Life is all about packaging. As a human being, you need to upgrade. To promote your brand, you need to prove to the world that you are not hungry.

There are many hot jobs that consider your sense of dressing as a major employment factor.

Someone could even see you on the way and offer to employ you based on the way you dress. I am serious about this. Therefore, if you are the type that puts on slippers after wearing a native or suit, you need to change o. There is God.

Number 6 to 9 are already self explanatory. Let’s jump to number 10.

6. Curriculum Vitae

This is a vital requirement for job seekers required for job openings. It is a professional document that outlines your life activities. A CV is slightly different from a resume.

In general, CVs are used throughout most parts of the world, while a resume is a common format in America.

Although in essence, they both serve the same purpose, the main difference between a CV and a resume is that a CV acts as a complete record of your professional history, while a resume is a short targeted list of transferable skills and accomplishments, intended to show how you can be of specific benefit to the particular organization to which you are applying.

With the resources above, you should be able to get a hot job in 2020. Feel free to let me know how you feel using the comment box and do not fail to share this article with friends across various social media.

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