Beginning Digraph Puzzles

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When working on phonological awareness it is recommended that we work from the least difficult to the most difficult tasks. As it relates to phonemes this means we begin with single consonant sounds (like the /c/ sound at the beginning of cat). Then we progress to digraphs. A digraph is a combination of two letters that makes one sound, as in the /sh/ sound at the beginning of shark. In this beginning digraph puzzles activity, students will practice identifying the beginning digraph sound in a set of pictures and then build the puzzles around their beginning digraph.

This set includes pictures cues for the following common digraphs:

  • sh
  • ch
  • th
  • wh

There is also a key so that teachers can review vocabulary prior to expecting students to identify the individual pictures independently.

This beginning digraph puzzles can be done in whole group using a pocket chart, in small groups as part of skill practice, or in literacy centers for additional independent practice. 

Free printable digraph phonemic awareness activity for prek and kindergarten

Game cards can be placed in a bag or face down in a stack so kids can draw them at random.

Free printable digraph sort phonological awareness activity

An answer key has been provided to see the words associated with each picture.

Sorting pictures by initial digraph sound-literacy center printable

This key can also be made accessible to students after they’ve completed the activity to check their work if you’d like.

Self-checking answer key option for students to use when finished with digraph puzzles

Kids can also use the black and white recording sheets to draw lines and connect items with their beginning digraph. This is a helpful way to document skill practice if needed as part of your program.

Optional recording sheet for digraph phonemic awareness practice


Contents of free printable digraph puzzles for phonemic awareness practice in prek and k


4-in-1 Beginning Sounds Digital Activities Bundle

All four games can be downloaded in Google Slides or Seesaw, based on your preference.

These digital games can be used for:

  • Distance learning
  • Tablet or computer center options in the classroom
  • Whole group practice via a class projection device
  • Small group instruction with or without technology (printable pages are included)

Also available on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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