Paper Structures Engineering Challenge

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Paper Structures Engineering Challenge

You don’t have to have a complicated supply list for an engineering challenge. Nor, do you have to create something something spectacular and life-changing. Simple is best.

Kids learn from taking items from their everyday life and using them in new ways to do simple things. It helps them understand the world around them and how things work.

paper structures engineering challenge

For this engineering challenge, we just used paper and scotch tape. You’ve probably got those supplies right now. Give your kids a stack of paper and a roll of tape along with a simple task. Let them figure it out.

I’m betting you will have as many answers to your challenge as you have children, and then some. Some children will fly through this engineering challenge while others will need trial and error. Both are great. As long as they meet the challenge, there are no wrong answers.

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Paper Engineering Challenges

paper structures engineering challenge

1. Build a structure that will hold a book 6 inches off the ground.

2. Build a structure that will hold and egg 2 feet off the ground.

3. Build a bridge from table to table (6 inches apart or so) that matchbox cars and cross.

4. Build the highest, free-standing structure you can build with just one sheet of 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper

5. Make paper airplanes and see which design flies the farthest.

What other paper engineering challenges have you tried?

This is part of the 5 Days of Engineering Challenges series

1. Paper Structures

2. Foil And Straw Boats

3. Straw Rocket Launch

4. Build An Aircraft

5. Build A Wind Car

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