Sweet New Month Wishes For Son Or Daughter [Nov 2022]

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Send Lovely New Month Wishes To Your Son Or Daughter. It is Sweet and Pleasant for Parents and Children to wish one another well. Impress your children this brand New Month by sending the hottest happy new month SMS.

The following are twenty excellent new month wishes to send to your sweet son or lovely daughter either via Text Message, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp. You can modify any of the wishes if necessary.

Best Happy New Month Wishes For Sons And Daughters

1. My dear son, may this month bring you favour beyond our expectations. Grace is sufficient for us and blessings in good health is out portion. Always make mama proud; Happy New Month.

2. I wish you a trouble-free month ahead of you and may God keep you safe from every evil throughout the month. Happy New Month to you, my beautiful daughter.

3. May this month come with new ideas, new blessing and a new purpose too. Happy New Month son.

4. May you be successful in all that you do this month and may your testimony be legendary and transgenerational. Happy New Month my princess.

5. Worries and anxieties will be very far away from you. You will triumph over every obstacle and challenge of life. Happy New Month my little prince charming.

6. Your beautiful glowing smiling face will never cease to shine always all through this month and beyond. Happy New Month my baby.

7. May this month becomes one of your best month ever. I wish you all that you wish yourself, son. Happy New Month my dearest son.

8. In this wonderful month, may you continually be favoured and blessed by both God and human. Happy New Month my beautiful daughter.

9. I pray that you will always hope and trust in God, and may God grant you the grace to follow His plans for your life. Happy New Month to you, my darling son.

10. Get set to gather all your lost possessions, as God will be restoring all your lost glory in this new month. Happy New Month my sweet daughter.

11. In your busy life, I pray for you that you will always have time to be grateful to God for all He has done and for all He will still do for you. Happy New Month my dearest son.

12. May this beautiful new month be the start of beautiful things in your life. I wish you a pleasant month ahead of you. Happy New Month my beautiful daughter.

13. Thank God it’s another awesome month and I wish you God’s best today and all through the month. Happy New Month son.

14. Drop off the pain of the past and embrace the joy and happiness that comes with a new month. Happy New Month to you, my lovely daughter.

15. For the previous month worries and anxieties belong to the past. It’s a new month today and gladness, merriment and love await you. Happy New Month my handsome son.

16. May you today and always wear a beautiful smile on your face and have every reason to be joyous and gracious. Happy New Month my princess.

17. Cheers to a better, brighter and beautiful new month. Son, I cherish you today and always. Happy New Month my dearest son.

18. And here’s another avenue to get it right, another opportunity to be better and I wish you the very best thing that life has got to offer. Happy New Month sweetie.

19. What you could not achieve in the previous months, this month shall hand them over to you in a platter of gold.

20. You are too loaded to be stranded. May the Lord take you to the Zenith of life and guarantee your access to success. Have a blessed month.

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