Making Sense of Historical Data with EdTec & Otus

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It’s no secret that schools have a wealth of data to sort through and administrators need an easy way to make sense of the data, identify trends, and analyze the performance to make informed decisions. That’s where Annice Weinstein, Sr. Manager of Assessment, Data, and Analysis for EdTec comes in!

If you have not heard of EdTec, they are an organization that drives quality in the charter school movement by providing the people, expertise, and systems that equip school leadership with operational support, business insights, and performance analyses to promote effective decision-making.

In Annice’s role with EdTec, she works directly with administrators to determine what the school’s data needs are and then to make those goals happen as they launch Otus. Annice is a thought leader for administrators and is there every step of the way, listening and asking the right questions to ensure that data is available in a way that makes sense to every school’s unique needs.

In this webinar, Annice shares how leaders can make sense of historical data and analyze trends over time for a variety of student groups, including special education students, English language learners, and more.

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