Ode to a December Homeschool Day

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December Homeschool Day

Ode to a December Homeschool Day ~
Written by Jamie C. Martin of Simple Homeschool and Introverted Moms

Jonathan‘s in the kitchen, whipping up tonight‘s subscription box dinner. He sings a Christmas song as he creates spicy chicken and rice bowls, his slippers shuffling back-and-forth on the tile floor.

I sit in front of the woodstove with my journal in hand, attempting to listen to a Christmas piano playlist. His singing keeps interrupting my tunes, so I press “pause” and smile as I listen to him instead.

Upstairs Trishna rests in bed with Covid, poor thing – thankfully a mild case. A text comes in from her: “Can you help me download a new Christmas audiobook? This one is depressing and people keep dying in it.” Whoops #MommyFail

I laugh and do some research, selecting Christmas stories from Louisa May Alcott. She approves.

Elijah pings up and down the stairs like a kernel of corn in hot oil: coming to check the fire, fill up the wood, ponder his chances of catching Covid, share 1,001 thoughts. I remind him that I’m writing, and he heads off to listen to a Great Courses lecture about the brain.

Years ago, I couldn’t sit down for even five minutes – much less thirty to write in front of the fireplace. Life remains as radically beautiful and as radically imperfect this December as it was back then.

Like I did in those days, I have to remind myself that this season – with its challenges and its delights – is also just passing through. It won’t last forever.

One day my calming Christmas piano will play uninterrupted, but I give thinks that it won’t be today.

The soundtrack for this December homeschool day is exactly what it needs to be.

#embracethechaos #imperfectandbeautiful #simplehomeschool

What delights and challenges make up the soundtrack of your December homeschool day in this season? Sending love and Christmas joy to you and yours from our family and the entire Simple Homeschool team! xo

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