Preschool Songs for Winter

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I love using songs as a teaching tool. Music is a way to engage even the most reluctant learners, and when kids learn through songs they often grasp concepts very quickly. It is helpful to have many songs at your fingertips to teach throughout the year. These are some of our favorite preschool songs to sing during the winter months.

Free Printable Winter Songs for Preschool

Your kids will love learning to count with this 10 Little Snowflakes Circle Time Song.

Teach your kids all about winter traditions in this Winter Preschool Circle Time Song.

Learn to count and sing a song to that special someone in  I Love You Preschool Valentine’s Day Song.

What is more iconic than hot chocolate in winter? Your kids will love singing along with this 10 Little Marshmallows counting song.

Learn about holiday traditions in If It’s Christmas song

Think of others while wrapping gifts this holiday season with the help of this 10 Little Presents counting song.

Use the 10 Little Gingerbread song during your holiday activities or as a fun theme to welcome children back after the holiday break.

Click here for more free printable songs for the entire year!

Winter Song Videos on Youtube

Your kids will love singing along to this fun wintertime song Wintertime is Here.

Your kids will have a blast doing the Freeze Dance as they sing along to the Snow Man Freeze Song.

Learn about snowmen and winter in I’m a Little Snowman.

Learn all about snowflakes in this Little Snowflake song.

Learn how to do the Snowman Dance in this fun kids’ movement song.

Your kids will love doing the Gingerbread Man Dance in this cool song.

If your kids loved the first one, they will love this second version of the Gingerbread Man Dance.

Learn about how cold winter weather can be in this dance-a-long Brrrrr song.

Learn all about different colored mittens in this Winter Mittens Song.

Your kids will love learning about snowflakes in the song Snowflakes Snowflakes.

Learn about the importance of winter clothes in this Winter Clothing Song for kids.

Practice counting while singing along to I’m a Little Snowman.

Learn fun rhymes about hibernation in this fun Where is Bear Hibernation song.

This neat song teaches your kids how to do the Winter Hokey Pokey and what to wear in winter.

Your kids will love getting the wiggles out as they learn to do the Penguin Dance in this song.

Get Even More Playful Learning with the Full Song Packs

There are so many great ways to build upon the fun kids have as they learn these simple songs. For all 24 songs in this series we’ve put together a full song pack so that you can do some fun extension activities and tie in a bit more math and literacy along the way.

Each song pack set includes:

  • Circle Time Song Charts and Pieces
  • Full-Page Class Book Options
  • Half-Page Emergent Reader Options

Where appropriate we’ve also added song charts and book options with real photographs.

Extension activities are also suggested for each song.

Also available on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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