The Best Of Smart Classroom Management 2022

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Hello Awesome SCM Readers,

On behalf of the team here at SCM, I want to say thank you! Without your support sharing our articles with your friends, colleagues, and followers we wouldn’t still be here 14 years later.

Your loyalty allows us to continue to help more and more teachers create the polite, well-behaved class every teacher deserves. For that we are eternally grateful.

We have a lot planned for 2023. I’m currently at work on a new e-guide and possible summer online course. We also hope to add more videos to our library each week.

Most of all, however, we’re focused on providing the best classroom management strategies you can find anywhere through our blog and weekly email newsletter.

But first, a look back. What follows are the very best articles of 2022 based on the number of page views.

Cheers! And enjoy . . .

How To Handle A Student Who Does Zero Work

A Critical Mistake Teachers Make On The First Day Of School

How To Stop Excessive Talking

The Behavior Illusion Of The First Weeks Of School

Why You Shouldn’t Ask Students “The Five Questions”

The Antidote To A Disruptive, Immature Class

3 Misconceptions Of Effective Classroom Management

How To Handle An Argumentative Student

The First Step With An Out-Of-Control Class

How To Handle Students Who Continue To Misbehave

Why You Must Stop Coddling Your Students

How To Become A Better Teacher Instantly

There you have it, the most popular articles of the past year. If you get a chance, please share them. We would be most appreciative.

I’ll be taking two weeks off for Christmas and New Year’s, but will be back with a new article on January 7th.

Have a wonderful holiday! Stay safe and enjoy the season.


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