Top 25 Robot Gifts For Kids

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Introduce and foster a love for logic, math, problem solving challenges, and technology with these robot gifts for kids. From coding games to robots, all of these options are great choices.

Providing our children and teens with STEM opportunities can seem daunting, but there are companies who make learning to code un-intimidating and accessible. And, parents, you do not need to have a coding background to introduce your child to robotics and coding. We never know what will spark our child’s interest until they have some exposure to a new learning opportunity. Plus, you might just end up loving it too! 

I graduated with a master’s degree in child development with a focus in early childhood education, but ended up in a 15-year biotech career which was heavily based in database and programming technologies. So, you just don’t know where your children will journey in their post-graduation life. Programming is always a handy skill to have for the logic and problem solving skills it develops.

With any of the robot kits for kids we have listed here, your child will be able to discover, explore, and learn concepts such as debugging, prototyping, and programming. What a great way to keep kids busy all while they learn about this incredibly interesting subject.

To 25 Robot and Programming Gifts For Kids

Robot Kits for Kids

There’s no need to worry about the price tag. The gifts on this list have a variety of prices that start at just $10 and go up from there. With all of these options, any budget can be met. (These are  some affiliate links. I earn a small percentage of sales generated.)

These are divided into programmable options and non-programmable robots.

Programmable Robot Kits for Kids:

  1. Dash® Robot with Build Brick Extension that let’s your child add their Legos® to the robot!
  2. Lego® Spike – I have used Lego robotics products to teach both homeschool classes, my own kids, FIRST Lego teams, and overseas to non-English speaking students. They are pricey, but they are outstanding for a group situation. As I mentioned, I used Lego products (We-Do kits) to teach completely non-English speaking students to build and program Lego-based robots.
  3. Code Rocket from Let’s Start Coding There are 20 different projects in the kit that teach children real coding. Kids can code with blocks like Scratch, Hour of Code, or Blockly, and then move to text-based code (C++). They have many interesting kit options. Visit their Amazon storefront to view more purchasing options.
  4. Sphero® Bolt – A programmable sphere-shaped robot. This is a favorite among STEM teachers and is highly recommended in teacher groups. Sphero Bolt includes programmable sensors including a compass, light sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer, motor encoders, and infrared communications.
  5. Ozobots® – When you are on their site, click the Create and Educate links. Ozobot has many teaching resources.
  6. iRoot Robot – Designed to provide a balance of value and utility, the Root® Lite is equipped with the essential features to transform learning to code into a grand adventure. Bring code alive through art, music, and exploration, wtih the Root® Lite.
  7. Birdbrain Technologies, Hummingbird Base Kit – from their site, “Hummingbird epitomizes a low-floor, high-ceiling approach: absolute beginners can build & program a robot in minutes, but continue learning advanced engineering & programming for years.”
  8. Ozo Toy Robot – Learn how to program with this small toy robot. Perfect for beginners or advanced programmers.
  9. Snap Circuits Teach Tech Mech 5, Mechanical Coding Robot – We have used the Snap Circuits electricity kits, which serve as a good basis for learning about robotics too (especially for elementary ages.) During our 10-year robotics journey from 3rd – 12th grade, an understanding of electronics was an integral part. So, it’s good to see Snap Circuits in the robot arena. This mission-based, entry level robot is designed to inspire young engineers to learn about mechanical engineering principles and coding basics.
  10. Edison Robots – Edison is a programmable robot designed to be a complete STEM teaching resource for coding and robotics education for students from 4 to 16 years of age.
  11. Vex IQ – If you have teens and are looking to start a robotics team or club, consider Vex IQ.

Non-Programmable Robot Kits for Kids

  1. Trash Robot Kit – Turn trash into robots that move! Such a great idea. You can also pick up this 4M Tin Robot for $11. This kit recycles a soda pop can into a functioning robot or monster. This is not a programmable robot.
  2. Salt Water Powered Robot Kit – Discover alternate sources of energy with this robot kit.
  3. Transforming Solar Robot – Build your very own solar powered robot!
  4. Coder Bunnyz– A very comprehensive STEM coding board game. Learn ALL the concepts you ever need in Computer Programming in a fun adventure.
  5. Code Master Programming Logic Game – Learn the staples of programming, problem solving, and more with this board game.
  6. Littlecodr Kids Coding Game – Introduce kids to programming with this card game.
  7. Room Defender – Kids can program an alarm system complete with sirens, lights, and sound effects with this programming gift.
  8. Gyrobot-Gyroscopic Robot Kit – Build a robot (seven different ways!) that moves with the force from a Gyroscope machine.
  9. Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-pillar – Introduce younger kiddos to programming with this gift. Each segment represents a movement. Those movements can be moved around to reach certain targets and motions. How fun!
  10. Makey Makey – An Invention Kit for Everyone – Make a touchpad with this programming gift touch and connect your computer with anything around you, even bananas. No programming experience required, all you need are some ideas and you are set.
  11. MiP Robot – Program this robot to balance, navigate, and dance! It is also available in black.
  12. Remote Control Machines – Build your own machines with this kit. There are endless design possibilities and you can use up to 3 motors to make the ultimate remote control machine.
  13. Tinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst STEM Kit – Kids can build their own wooden robots, learn electronics, and learn important engineering and STEM concepts.
  14. Osmo Genius Kit – Bridge the gap between physical games and technology with this Osmo kit. Great way to involve parents as well.
  15. Electronic Gizmos & Gadgets Kit – This kit comes with all the pieces you need to make 12 projects. Perfect for young inventors to explore and discover.
  16. Wonder Workshop Dash & Dot Robot Wonder Pack – Dash & Dot can be programmed to complete a lot of different tasks. Use your mobile device to communicate with these robots. Kids will learn how to interact with the robots through programming where they will navigate obstacle courses and even dance.

Robot and Programming Kits

Subscription kits are huge right now. Here are 2 robot and programming kits I highly recommend. Our kids really enjoyed them and learned a lot with them.



Any of these robot and programming gifts for kids will be met with excitement and curiosity. Great way to keep those hands busy! What robot gifts will you be grabbing this year? Share with us in the comments. Happy shopping!

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