Pattern Heart Fine Motor Mats

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If you are looking for a fun Valentine’s Day activity for your preschoolers or kindergarteners, they will love these fun Pattern Heart Fine Motor Mats! These fine motor mats will help your little ones practice their fine motor and pre-writing skills. You can use it this activity as a standalone Valentine’s Day project or add it to a full Valentine’s Day Theme.

Heart Fine Motor Mats

This no-prep easy Heart Fine Motor Mat set is perfect for early learning skills and a great holiday activity for your classroom.

This free printable set includes options to encourage your kids to practice fine motor skills by either tracing the lines with dry-erase markers or covering them with lines of play dough. These also work great for younger kids who are just learning to make play dough snakes and need to work on their fine motor skills.

Free Printable Valentine_s Day Fine Motor Mats

Laminate or enclose each mat in a dry-erase pouch so you can continue to use them over and over.

Set out your favorite homemade or store-bought play dough and invite kids to roll out play dough snakes. Use the play dough snakes to cover the lines on the heart mats to mimic the patterns shown or create their own.

No prep Valentine_s Center Activity

They can copy the patterns on the hearts or create their own! Whatever method they choose, they will be getting great fine motor practice!

If you don’t want to use play dough or don’t have any on hand, children can also trace the patterns using dry-erase markers in various colors!

Free printable Heart Theme Valentine_s Day Fine Motor Tracing Activity

This can also be a way to extend the use of the activity after kids have used play dough. Simply move the activity to the writing center as a pre-writing practice activity to get additional use out of the printable.

Free Printable Valentine Hearts Fine Motor Play Dough Mats

Additional activities to extend learning:

  • Have children attempt to make their own patterns from what they learned from this activity. You can use buttons, mini erasers, or other seasonal loose parts.
  • Use the blank printable heart and invite kids to draw or glue collage materials as they design their own pattern hearts.
Free printable fine motor Valentine_s Day activity for preschool and prek

This set is super versatile and easy to prep, so you’re sure to get a ton of use out of it!

Free Printable Heart Fine Motor Play Dough and Tracing Patterning Mats Center for PreK and K-3

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Free Printable Heart Fine Motor Play Dough and Tracing Patterning Mats Center for PreK and K-2


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