Teacher’s Favorite February Activities for the Classroom

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February is a month full of lovely possibilities! From heart-shaped sharing to festive math games, these February activities for the classroom are sure to get your students excited about learning during the shortest month of the year. So grab your Valentine’s Day candy and get ready for some sweet learning fun! Here are some of our teachers’ favorite February activities to keep student engagement fresh and fun.

There are so many fun and engaging things to do in February classroom. From heart-shaped sharing to festive math games, these activities will keep your students excited about learning during the shortest month of the year. So grab your Valentine's Day candy and get ready for some sweet learning fun! Here are some of our teachers' favorite February activities to keep student engagement fresh and fun.

Focus on Black History Month

February is a great time to celebrate and honor Black History Month in the classroom. With February’s focus on love and connection, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore the history, culture, literature, and art of Black Americans. Teaching students about Black History Month helps foster an inclusive environment where all cultures are respected and celebrated.

There are so many wonderful activities that teachers can use to engage their students in learning more about this important subject matter. From creating timelines of influential Black Americans to researching civil rights movements, there are plenty of meaningful ways for students to dive into this topic.

Read and Learn about Influential Black Leaders

Honor remarkable Black leaders by exploring and reflecting on their lives, accomplishments, and how they shaped history.

28 Days: Moments in Black History That Changed the World is a book that celebrates 28 remarkable moments in African American history. It focuses on heroic figures such as Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Rosa Parks, who have all made a significant impact on the course of American history. Through vivid photographs and engaging stories, this book encourages students to explore and appreciate the importance of Black History Month. Since February is 28 days long, read one each day throughout the month.

Read biographies about famous Black Americans

Give your students the opportunity to explore and develop an understanding of notable Black Americans through biographies that include reading passages and QR Codes for further biography-based research. Also included are comprehension activities that practice sequencing events and organizing facts, as well as pages where students can produce their own biographical reports. Guide students in researching information on various noteworthy Black American figures or writing a comprehensive biography about these integral historical figures!

Would you like a Free Biography Sorting Activity?

In this Biography Sorting Activity, students have the opportunity to analyze and group historical figures by what makes them memorable. After reading a short statement of each individual, learners determine in which category they should be sorted based on their lasting fame or impact. This set includes 43 people from various backgrounds spanning 10 different categories plus an additional option for creating your own!

Valentine’s Day February Activities for the Classroom

Valentine’s Day is a great time to get creative and engage students in meaningful learning activities. From sharing heartfelt messages of appreciation to exploring the history of Valentine’s Day, there are so many ways to make this special holiday educational and fun for your students!

Read books about Friendship and Kindness

For Valentine’s Day, teachers can share books with their students that focus on love and kindness.

Have a heart-shaped sharing session

Invite students to take turns sharing something special with the class in the shape of a heart. It could be an item, a photo, a story, or just something they want to share.

Pass out a sheet of construction paper to each student in class with instructions for them to make a heart shape. Ask each student to write one thing they like about themselves, their family, or a friend in their heart.

This is a great way to encourage open communication and foster an environment of acceptance and understanding. It can also give teachers the opportunity to discuss topics like emotions, empathy, and kindness in a safe space.

Inspire students to go home and write down their favorite books on paper hearts. Then, create a beautiful bulletin board in the classroom with all of these books for everyone to admire!

FREE I Love that I. . . . Valentine’s Day Activity

While it is nice to focus on spreading kindness for Valentine’s Day, it is also vital to help students focus on themselves. Thankfully, this FREE Valentine’s Day Classroom Activity allows students to focus on three aspects. This includes what they can do, who they are, and their character traits. Then, students transform their brainstorming into a joyful heart. 

A fun Valentine's Day Activity where students share what they love about themselves. Create an anchor chart in your classroom, have students use the FREE graphic organizer, and then create a heart with their favorite attribute. This is a FREE download! #valentinesdayactivity #valentinesdayintheclassroom

Make Valentine’s Day Cards or Compliment Cards

Students can make their own Valentine’s Day cards for their classmates. This is a great way to get them thinking creatively and using their imaginations.

Making Valentine’s Day cards with classmates is always a fun February activity! Whether using construction paper, markers, crayons, stickers, or any other arts and crafts materials available, students can get creative designing cards for their friends.

This is a great way to help boost the classroom atmosphere with meaningful gestures of friendship and appreciation. Allowing students to make their own cards gives them the opportunity to express themselves and get in touch with their imaginations. Such an activity helps bring everyone together as they share messages of love and kindness through cute DIY-cards!

Take it one step further and have students write a compliment on the card for each student or have students create compliment cards for the teachers at staff throughout the school. Or create cards for a local senior center.

Make Valentine Boxes

Inspire your students to think outside the box this Valentine’s Day with What Can You Do With a Box? Get creative and have them craft unique boxes for their valentines, making it an extra special day!

Involve Parents in the Love of Valentine’s Day

Send home a blank heart to your students’ parents and request them to decorate it without their child’s knowledge. Ask that they include illustrations, colors, objects etc. that best describe the child. On Valentine’s Day reveal the hearts for all to see and have each student guess which one came from their family! It will be an exciting day of surprises full of love – who can resist such meaningful fun?

Math Games with a Valentine’s Day Twist

Graphing and sorting conversation hearts is a fun Valentine’s Day math activity that students of all ages can enjoy. It helps them practice their graphing, sorting, and counting skills while also getting into the festive spirit. With some colorful conversation hearts and a few simple prompts, you can get your students engaged in an educational yet enjoyable task.

Students can begin with a box of conversation hearts. Students sort them into color categories. They will then create a graph on which they record the number of each type of heart found in their collection. This exercise teaches important mathematical concepts such as data analysis, organizing information visually using graphs, recognizing patterns within given data sets, and more! As an added bonus, it’s also quite tasty!

Would you like a FREE Conversation Heart Sorting and Graphing Sheet?

Valentine’s Day Flap Book

Valentine’s Day means something slightly different based on age level. For instance, some look forward to a fancy dinner and one-on-one time with a loved one. However, our younger students look forward to passing out Valentines and spending time with their friends. The Valentine’s Day Flap Book is perfect for spreading kindness. Specifically, students will reflect on special aspects of their lives, such as friends, family, and school. Students will adore this project! 

A Valentine's Day Craftivity where students reflect on what makes themselves, their friends, family and school special. This is the perfect classroom activity leading up to Valentine's Day.

Valentine’s Day Art Projects

Often, students love art projects! Honestly, it is so important for students to develop their creativity. Luckily, the Valentine’s Day Art Activities has several amazing projects for students to bring happiness and art projects together. 

Fun Valentine's Day art activities that showcase students' talent and are perfect for sending home to parents.

Valentine’s Day Activities for Distance Learning

While Valentine’s Day is such a fun time, it is also during a germ-filled season. Therefore, it is essential to have Valentine’s Day Activities for Distance Learning! There are activities for students to work on that relate to every content area! For instance, students will learn about the heart and the story of Cupid. Best of all, these activities also work great for in-person learning. 

Valentine’s Day Science Activities

While love may be in the air, students will learn about the love of science! They will do this through 14 Valentine’s Day Science Activities. The Scientific Method will help guide students as they all have a hands-on role in learning about exciting topics. This includes oil and water and a color-changing flower. Hearts will go pitter-patter with these projects! 

Informational Articles about Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, unlock the secrets of this romantic holiday through three awesome reading passages! From learning about chocolate history to finding out how Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world – you’re sure to make your students fall in love with close-reading activities. So show some love and spread knowledge while having a blast on February 14th!

President’s Day Activities for Elementary Students

President’s Day is a great opportunity to teach students about the different presidents who have served our country. There are tons of activities that can be done to help bring these lessons to life.

Students can read a biography about one or more presidents and then write a report about the person.

Or consider taking a virtual trip to Mt. Rushmore and the White House. Virtually explore these two iconic landmarks from your computer or other device, learning about the history of each place and the people who made them famous. You could try to find hidden historical facts about each location, as well as take a virtual tour around the area, taking in all of its breathtaking views.

Learning about the US Presidents at Mt Rushmore would be especially interesting, and you could even learn the secrets behind some of their most famous quotes. Exploring the White House grounds would also provide a unique insight into American politics and culture. The virtual field trip would surely be an enlightening experience that you’d never forget.

If I were President for a Day

Have students write what they would do if they were president for a day. It’s incredible to hear the ambitions of our students; they are determined to make a positive impact, expressing their desires and bringing them to life. Their determination is awe-inspiring as they strive towards changing the world!

February is a great month for classroom celebrations! No matter how you choose to celebrate, these February activities will help your classroom feel festive while providing an opportunity for learning about love, kindness, and friendship. There are many more ideas below! Do you have some favorite February activities? Share them with us in the comments below!

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