14 Ways To Build Self Confidence

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Do you want to build your self confidence? One of the things that differentiate individuals from each other is the degree to which they believe in themselves.

For instance, an applicant who gets the job necessarily may not be the guy with the best qualifications but for the fact he could convince the interviewers, he landed the job. That’s a man who has built self confidence.

No mission or vision gets to see the light of day where the fore-bearer can’t confidently convince his followers. 

Every labour often requires some degree of individual self-trust to achieve results whether at home, work or for fun. 

It, therefore, means a significant part of our life lies in the weight of how much we have built confidence in ourselves.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe rightly puts it “as soon as you trust yourself, you know how to live”.

What is Self Confidence?

Self Confidence is the ability to trust in one’s capability of getting things done. It involves reassurance that you can do what is required in a matter. 

How Does Self Confidence Work?

Building self confidence is a process that grows momentum from the point where an individual begins to become aware of his environment.

Parents and guardians play a major role in helping their wards build a reasonable level of confidence from their childhood. When the child lacks self-confidence at home, proper education will help boost some. 

However, if there is laxity in the confidence formation of a person, it becomes an issue of personal responsibility. From the time you begin to make your decisions, you were already practicing self confidence.

Why Should You Build Self-Confidence? 

It is important to build self confidence due to personal and professional reasons. Below are 10 reasons why you should build your self confidence.

  • It earns you respect and relevance.
  • It keeps you healthy and feeling great. 
  • It enhances your decision-making.
  • It boosts your motivation and enthusiasm at work.
  • It helps you communicate well with others. 
  • It improves your relationship with your spouse and other circles.
  • It earns you quality leadership positions.
  • It boosts your morale and self-esteem.
  • It keeps you going during pressure and difficult times. 
  • It takes away feelings of insecurity.

14 Ways to Build Your Self Confidence 

Self-confidence is built on many things. It starts with little improvement before it gets pronounced in your attitude and character. You may not know it but as simple as eating right could build your self confidence.

1. Accomplish Small Daily Tasks: Confidence results from habits that have been built up over time. Accomplishing simple tasks like doing necessary chores daily can build your confidence level to do more significant tasks. As you work on clearing tasks off your table instead of procrastinating them, you are feeding your self-esteem.

2. Look Good Always: What do you see when you look in the mirror? Looks have a way of affecting your self confidence. Take time to look good in your appearance. This includes outfits, facial looks, and carriage. Don’t just show up anyhow. Always look your best especially when the occasion calls for it.

3. Eat Right: When your body receives the right nutrients, it automatically makes you healthier, stronger, and happy. Healthy eating takes care of mind and body alertness, hormone balance, and energy level. When you eat right, you look it and it boosts your confidence.

4. Exercise: Research shows that people who exercise regularly have strong perseverance and self-discipline compared to those who do not. Regular exercise also keeps your body in shape thereby making you feel more confident.

5. Get Good Sleep: Adequate body rest improves body metabolism and keeps certain emotions in check. Tiredness, tantrums display, and being easily pressured result from poor quality sleep. Quality sleep enhances optimism, clarity, and self-worth.

6. Quit Comparing Yourself With Others: Comparisons can affect our self-esteem and behavior. When we get in the habit of comparing others’ best features with our average turnout, it encourages wrong attitudes like jealousy, hatred, or anger. Unhealthy comparisons destroy our self confidence.

7. Practice Positive Self Affirmations: Positive affirmation practice prepares you to be in control of your environment.

I can do it.

I have what it takes.

I  am beautiful.

I will not fail are examples of positive affirmations you can practice daily. Speaking kind words to yourself sends positive energy to your whole being, thereby building confidence in yourself.

8. Surround Yourself With the Right People: People who tend to sap away your energy do not make good company. Keep the strict rule of surrounding yourself with people that support and encourage you.

9. Think Positive Thoughts: The popular dictum, if you can conceive it, you can achieve it works for your confidence. Positive thinking keeps your confidence high. and you become more productive as you dwell on positive outcomes for your actions.

10. Face Your Fears: Trying to approach things only when you have the guts keeps limiting your self confidence experience. Face your fears head-on, and allow the embarrassment. The odds are the outcome may not be as bad as you thought.

11. Do the Things You Love: Research suggests happiness ignites confidence to try new things and get away from your comfort zone. As you keep yourself happy by doing the things you love, you gain more confidence in yourself.

12. Kind To Others: When people can tie their success with your assistance, it enlarges your heart to trust your personality. Self-trust makes you want to express more of those things you think you can do for yourself and others.

13. Celebrate Your Wins: Take a special treat to celebrate your achievements.  Self-treat is good for boosting your confidence. It helps enables you to perform better and get you prepared to do greater things.

14. Try New Things: Enroll in a music class, play basketball, or try new positive things you may have never done before. The more you step out of your ‘normal’, you experience new feelings and pick lessons that will help build your confidence.

The quality of life a person will experience may not be in the same measure as the efforts he constantly puts in. But secrets like self confidence will complement lifelong efforts. 

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