FREE Rainfall Chart Printable

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Using a rainfall chart as part of a weather study integrates not only science, but math, and even geography. Along with our free printable chart linked below, we’ve listed some ideas for using the rainfall chart to enjoy some other activities.

Use this rainfall chart in combination with our (super-simple, and sturdy) homemade rain gauge project that is fun to make when doing a weather study.

We have also used this rain gauge on our patio.

Rainfall Chart Printable
We’ve been checking that rain gauge every day and recording that information. It didn’t take long to see the rainfall adding up. Our plan is to keep monthly records and then check them against the averages at


  • Compare the rainfall measurements from your rain gauge with a weather app for your area or with your local news website.
  • Compare weekly, monthly or annual rain data gathered in your yard with other locations in the world.
  • What months in your area have the most rainfall? the least? How does it compare to a location on the African continent? Asia? South America?

Recording Rainfall

To record our data, I wanted to keep it simple. My kids deal better with simple. I created these rainfall chart printables for us to use record our rainfall data. They include daily (24 hour) and monthly charts.

rainfall chart page spread1
Recording rainfall is a great way to get kids to pay attention to the weather, the atmosphere, and the seasons. They can observe changes in the amounts of rainfall during different times of the year. Comparing data with historical averages lets them know if the precipitation they are observing is normal for that time of year. That can lead to further weather and climate studies.

Rain gauges come in lots of variations. From simple glass tubes you can mount on your deck or patio, to wireless weather stations that can measure rain, temperature, wind, humidity, and more.

Get The Rainfall Chart

Download your FREE Rainfall Chart by clicking HERE!

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