How Do I Stop Being Lazy? Practical Ways To Stop Being Lazy

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Want to stop being lazy? Feeling Lazy comes in varying degrees to us all. While some of us can take control immediately, many others just allow it and it becomes a perpetual habit. 

Have you been fighting to stop being lazy? You need to know the source of this feeling. Probably you are not lazy. Instead, certain emotions and controllable situations are getting the best of you. 

Of course, you want to stop being lazy yet you can’t. The truth is you can. Yes, you can!

In this article, you will learn the tricks of laziness and how to overcome it completely. 

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What is Laziness?

Experts define laziness as exertion from work despite having the ability to exert oneself.

For this article, I will define laziness as 

  • A negative attitude 
  • A state of mind 
  • The feeling of resting before getting tired 
  • Assuming things can be achieved without work 
  • A poor mindset to work


Signs You Should Stop Being Lazy 

Surprisingly, lazy people refer to others as being lazy. Here are signs you should stop being lazy. 

1. Depend Too Much On Others

When you depend on others like parents, siblings, and senior colleagues for things you can do or learn to do yourself.

2. Fear A Lot 

When you are overly afraid, it is a red flag. Fear of trying new things, fear of failure, and fear of challenging situations can be a sign you need to stop being lazy. 

3. Lack of Commitment

Lazy people are rarely committed people. They cannot complete tasks or assignments placed in their hands. 

4. Take No Responsibility

Will always blame other factors in the scene except himself. Lazy people find it difficult to take responsibility for their actions. 

5. Sleep Too Much 

You know a lazy person by how he or she approaches to sleep. Sleep is for rest but for a lazy man, sleep is work.

6. Loves Pleasure Too Much 

All play and no work is what the lazy man wants. He wants to keep having fun. From watching television to playing zombie, from gisting and gossiping to having a nice party. For pleasure only.

7. Never Organized 

Poor organizers are rarely hard-working. It takes effort to be organized which lazy people find too difficult. 

8. Poor Time Manager

Time seems to mean nothing to a lazy man. He seems to be a ‘very carefree person’ with time. 

9. Negligence to Career

Lazy students, for instance, don’t care to ask themselves questions about their future. They believe when they get to the bridge, they will cross it. 

10. Putting Off Work To Tomorrow 

A lazy fellow seldom finishes anything. Procrastination has become both a habit and a hobby for him. 

11. Busy Without Doing Anything 

You can never see what a lazy person does with time yet he has been busy all day.

12. Wishing Thinking

“I wish to live in a mansion”. “I wish to have my own car” Lazy fellows live in a world of wishes. 

13. Lots of Bad Breaks 

When something always comes up for you to take a break from crucial matters like your studies or work. My dear, watch it. It may be a sign of laziness.

14. Being Unsure of The Task

Until you start, you don’t know what the result will be. However, lazy people never start. They want to be sure about everything first before finding a way to start.

15. Lacks Motivation 

In this era, nobody needs motivation. If you cannot motivate yourself, it is a sign you just want to laze around.

16. Always Need Supervision

A person who should be leading others prefers to work under supervision is a sign he or she is lazy. 

17. Full of Excuses 

He will give 1001 reasons why a thing should be left undone. They always have something to defend their inability. 

Causes of Laziness 

According to my research, 10 factors can result in laziness. I call it the 10 pillars of being lazy. 

  1. Lack of Positive Recognition
  2. Lack of Self Esteem 
  3. Lack of Discipline 
  4. Lack of Interest in Current Activity 
  5. Stress and Exhaustion 
  6. Indecisiveness 
  7. Boredom 
  8. Reliance on Motivation 
  9. Poor diet 
  10. Fear 

How To Stop Being Lazy 

To stop being lazy, you need to eradicate the pillars enforcing laziness. The 10 pillars I have identified as the causes of laziness must be cleared out.

Have Proper Sense of Understanding 

A man that lacks proper understanding will find it difficult to behave himself. A good understanding of things; how to act, and when not to act will help you know how to wade off feelings of laziness.

Build Your Self Esteem 

What’s your place in your mind’s eye? Do you consider yourself poor, bad looking, lazy…. Build your self-worth. Come out of your corner and be the best you can be.

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Be Disciplined 

To be disciplined is the ability to control your emotions and be in control. Don’t be too conscious of the happenings around you. Instead, learn to win from within. 

Switch off the Television. Avoid social media. If you want to stop being lazy, train yourself to do what is right and not what is left. You get the point!

Find Your Interest 

Let’s say poor interest in the choices you make is why you are being lazy. Then, you need to find your interest and stick to it. 

When it’s an essential area like studies or work, be smart about it. Get a study partner to study with you at school. At the office, work closely with colleagues that can act as accountability partners. 

Create Relax Habits

Stress and exhaustion can result in feeling lazy but nobody can accept that excuse every time. You can’t always avoid stress.

A positive way of balancing things is to create relaxed habits that stimulate you again. Once you can clear your head, get back to work. 

Be Decisive 

Be wise to know what you need. Someone once said ‘Decide your Destiny’. Being decisive will help you curb unwanted struggles and emotions.

You can be sure to stop being lazy when you are in control of your actions and decisions. 

Quit Boredom 

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Quit boredom. There are enough things to do. If there are not, find something to do. Take a study, learn a skill, volunteer for a cause, write, or just do something meaningful to help you stop being lazy. 

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Be Highly Motivated 

This is my best way of staying on top of my game. I am a highly motivated person. I am motivating you now to be your motivator.

Not having someone inspire you, push you, or encourage you, shouldn’t be a yardstick for being lazy.

Take Care of Yourself 

If you don’t take care of yourself, who will? Learn to take care of yourself, especially what you put in your mouth. Experts reveal poor dieting can contribute to lazy behavior.

Face Your Fears

Fear of failure can be your addiction to being lazy. But you know what, failures are tools for success. Chances are when you stop yourself from failing, you stop your success as well. 

Ask yourself what the worst thing is that could happen when you face that fear. 

Permit yourself to face your fear, if it doesn’t come out great, then you can try another way. 

























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