How to Discover your Purpose (Ultimate Guide 2)

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To discover your purpose is to identify the reason why you were created. Purpose as we revealed in the last article is not merely living a useful life, building a career, or giving others hope of living.

Instead, purpose is living your real life and fulfilling the intent of the creator. As you do purpose, your life will be excellent in all facets.

Experiences like purposeful living, superb careers, and uplifting others are products of living your life the right way.

If at all, you lose focus on pursuing the reason you were born, put to heart, the failure you will cause your generation and the world at large.

Nobody wants to be a failure. And you, of course, want to live your best life, if not you won’t be reading this article. Read the previous write-up here to fully grasp the knowledge of how to discover your purpose.

I present to you the ultimate guide on how to discover your purpose. You will learn the various keys to hang in wherever you are right now to discover and live your purpose.


You Need A Strong Desire To Discover Your Purpose

Riches begin with the mind. For everyone that builds wealth and riches, the mind never gave up on the task.

To discover your purpose, you must make up your mind. There shouldn’t be an alternative to discovering purpose and staying put.

But you should know, discovering purpose is not for the faint-hearted. While everyone is born with a purpose, no one was weak to discover purpose and live it.

How strong is your desire to discover the purpose of your life? The following questions should help you.

  1. What is your greatest aspiration?
  2. Where are you in the journey of life
  3. Who are your friends?
  4. What do you do for a living?
  5. What can you die for?

“If a man hasn’t found something he will die for, he isn’t fit to live.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

Desire is vital to discovering life’s purpose. And as Mike Murdock said, the proof of desire is pursuit. So your heart should seek answers, ‘why I’m I here’?

The comfort you enjoy right now shouldn’t make you less concerned.

Behold, a time will come when you will regret some of the actions you failed to take now. How do I know this? It is because it happening to a lot of people already.

In life, a lot of people pay little or no attention to discovering the purpose of their life. They care less as long as there is a good source of income, and life seems to be working.

If you are still reading, take the opportunity to discover your life’s purpose now that you can. Instead of living dreams portray to you by the media, family, and friends, pay attention to the intent you were placed here on earth.

“The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but life without a purpose” —

Myles Munroe 

How To Discover Your Purpose 

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1. Relate Daily With The Creator

Who is the creator? There is One, who humans ascribed as the Supreme Being. He is the creator of the world and everything including we humans.

If you believe he is real for any reason, why don’t you relate with him? You can start a relationship with God.

We are like products produced by a manufacturer. It is the manufacturer that dictates the use of each of his products. That’s what God is to us.

God made us and for each of his creations, he already assigned a unique purpose. You are God’s creation. You were made with a purpose. You are neither a mistake nor an accident. Believe that.

So, to discover your purpose without the creator is to deceive oneself. God is the only means to discovering life’s purpose. Why? Because he is the author of Life and he is the creator of Man.

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2. Build Your Atmosphere

There is an atmospheric condition of a place, it is called weather. There is also the atmospheric condition of an individual’s life.

Life is lived in the physical but the script that dictates life is in the spiritual. You can’t see it with your naked eye. This is why a relationship with the author of life is the only and best way to discover the purpose of your life.

I know your next question is “How do I create my atmosphere”? You create your atmosphere by knowing what the author of life has written in your script.

Mind you, this script is supposed to be the manual of your life. You can decide to live the original script instead of being tossed to and fro by just any atmosphere you encounter in life.

When you know what the script is, you know how to create your atmosphere. Which involves daily living the life as written in the manual, the script.

Therefore, you can attribute your life to being a movie, where you are the main character. The specific role you have to play in the movie is your purpose.

I need you to get this picture. Once you can understand this, you will hunt to find your script in other to know how best to live.

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3. Ask Questions

This part of discovering your life’s purpose is very crucial to making your destiny a reality in earnest.

The next thing you will ask is “who do I direct my questions to?

When actors act out their scenes, someone directs the movie, right? He is called the movie director. He answers the actors’ questions. He also positions and repositions them to get the desired result.

Going back to our analogy. The Supreme Being, authors life itself. He has the script of every individual, including yours. Submitting to Him means you believe He is actually who He is and the means to discovering the purpose of your life.

As you relate with Him daily, creating your atmosphere based on the script He has written for your life, you also have to direct all life’s questions to Him.

No one has the right answer to the subject of what your life entails aside from the one who created that life in the first place.

Ask God all your questions. How? Through prayer. If we call Him Supreme Being, then we don’t expect to relate with him physically. God is a spirit. To ask him questions is to ask in prayer.

4. Obey All Your Instructions 

When we pray to God, we receive answers. Talking to God is a type of communication known as prayer.

Just as we get feedback at communicating with others, God communicates back to us when we talk with him.

As you begin to ask questions why He created you? He gives you His answers. But before you can pray and receive answers from God, you need to have a working relationship with him.

Your relationship with the Supreme Being is the ultimate lead to discovering and fulfilling your God-given purpose.

He tells you what to do. He guides you to make your life choices. If you obey what He tells you, He tells you more and more as you keep talking and relating with Him.

5. Be Stable In The Place of Fellowship

Discovering your purpose is not the reason alone you relate with God, create your atmosphere, ask him questions, and obey his directives.

You do all you did to discover your purpose and continue to live your life for Him after discovering your purpose.

Don’t think all the creator wants for you is to discover purpose. He also wants to empower you to live the life He has for you. You can’t successfully continue in your purpose without the help of God.

How to Do and Stay in Your Purpose

Doing and staying in your purpose begins and ends with God.

You need to stay with the Supreme Being all the time to live your life. Whether you are yet to discover your purpose, have discovered your purpose, or  living your purpose, you need to be with God

Life is meant to be lived with God at the center of it all.

Does it sound impossible to you? The truth is it is very possible with your commitment and the help of God.

Take your job for instance, how do you stay consistent in it? Every day you resume at your office, respond to clients and get their work done. Is the same way you do God’s routine too.

To achieve this, all I have discussed from number 1 to 5 becomes your routine. Let’s say you never knew about this, you can start today with number 1- Relate daily with the creator.

And if you don’t have a relationship yet, what stops you to start right away?

I believe you have been blessed with these words. If you can commit to following this ultimate guide, you will be full of joy, peace, and love for yourself.

You will discover how best to live and know how enjoyable life can be with God at the center of it all for you.

Please be free to use the comment box to ask any question bordering you. Also, share what you have learned from this article.

God bless you.

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