Restorative Practices with Dr. Don Parker

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How to Build, Maintain and Restore Teacher-Student Relationships

Dr. Don Parker’s specialty is supporting school leaders and teachers to build authentic relationships with their students. In this webinar, Dr. Parker joins the Otus team to discuss the importance of incorporating restorative practices in a school setting.

Traditional school discipline practices have left students feeling isolated, rejected, and unmotivated. While discipline policies exist to deter misbehavior, those very policies exacerbate the perpetual misbehavior of students.

Widespread efforts to curb exclusionary and discriminatory discipline in schools have led to a growing focus on restorative approaches – a set of practices aimed at building strong in-­school relationships and attachments, rather than pushing students out of school.

During this webinar, Dr. Parker will discuss how to:

1. Repair teacher-student relationships
2. Increase students’ ability to communicate their feelings
3. Empower students to find solutions to their own behavior problems

Educators will also learn how Otus Plans can be used to track, monitor, and support students receiving restorative supports in a school setting.

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