Is Canada a Good Place to Live in 2023?

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Are you considering moving away from your home country to Canada, but you want to be sure if it’s a good decision? Hence your question, “is Canada a good place to live?”

There are a number of factors to consider before deciding if Canada as a country is a good place for you to live. These include security, cost of living, foreigners’ hospitality, etc.


Is Canada a Good Place to Live?

Yes, Canada is a good place to live. There are factors that were considered to decide that Canada is indeed an excellent place to live.

What Makes Tennessee a Good or Bad Place to Live?

Here are the factors we considered before coming to the conclusion that Tennessee is a good place to live:

1. Cost of living 

One of the most important things to consider when moving to any place is the cost of living there. You don’t want to live where you live from hand to mouth because the cost of living is crazy.

Just so you know, and probably prepare if you later decide to move to Canada, Canada is more expensive to live more than 78% of all other countries in the world.

Food at an inexpensive restaurant can cost you around CA$20. Groceries are relatively cheap when compared to some other top countries like UK, US, etc.

Rent in Canada is average of around CA$ 1700. A family of 4 can spend about CA$6, 250 monthly. But one thing about Canada is that the quality of living there is pretty high.

Goods can be expensive because of the fact that they are imported, and real estate is costly. So, you can expect that home prices are on the high side.

2. Security and crime rate

Nobody wants to live in the middle of a war zone, or in a place where one’s life is not safe. Every other factor would not matter if safety is out of the window.

Canada is pretty much safe than many other countries in the world. Throughout 2017 there were 660 murders, and there are 39 million people in Canada. And just in California, there were 1830 murders in 2017. That is a huge gap. The crime rate in Canada is lower than that of the US by 40%.

3. Weather

The weather in Canada is known to be pretty cold during the winter, and the winter season is also long. Autumns are primarily short, and summers fall around about 35 degrees usually.

If you hate the cold, you might want to reconsider if Canada is good for you. But if you finalize on moving to Canada, prepare ahead for the weather.

4. Amenities

This is another important factor to consider when considering moving to a new location. You don’t want to stay where you and your family will not have access to basic amenities like education, health, good transportation, etc.

There are a lot of high-ranking Universities in Canada. Many of the universities in Canada are among the first 100 universities in the world. Examples are the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, McGill University, etc.

Canada has one of the cheapest and best education in the whole world. It is one thing for education to be cheap, it is another for it to be one of the best in the world. Having both combined in one is really awesome.

There is a level of free health care for the residents of Canada, and this is not just any random healthcare, but one of the best in the world. You must note that not all health care is free. You will have to pay if you are going to get a brace, have surgery, or be placed on long-term care.

5. Tax

Tax can be a necessary evil, especially if you calculate your tax for a whole year. You will discover that a lot has gone into just paying taxes.

You pay tax in Canada, but you get to enjoy the tax you pay because that is how you enjoy free health care. So, it is really worth it.

6. Economy and employment opportunities

You definitely want to know how easy it can be to get good jobs in the place you are planning to move to, or how the economy of the place is.

The unemployment rate in Canada is pretty low. The fact that Canada is filled with an aging population, makes immigration the option to satisfy labour needs.

Depending on the location you are looking at in Canada, there are varying job availability all over the country.

7. Tolerance

Canada is rated as the number 1 tolerant country by the HSBC expat explorer survey. So, the country is accommodating and embraces foreigners. Canada, by the virtue of immigration, is filled with people of diverse cultures.


If you wonder if Canada is a good place to live, here you have your answer. Canada is really a great country to live in, compared to many other countries in the world.

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