Pi Activity – Make A Cityscape

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Pi Day is coming up soon! Are you ready? It’s the day we celebrate that irrational number that shows us the relationship between a circle’s diameter and circumference. You can make Pi Day a big deal in your home or classroom by doing fun pi lessons and activities

pi activity - make a cityscape - The Homeschool Scientist

The City Of Pi Activity

One of our favorite pi activities is creating a Pi cityscape. This is a fun way to incorporate memorizing the digits of pi and art. Just grab some graph paper and a pen or pencil to get started. (You can download and print grid paper at

Pi Activity - Make A Cityscape
First, write the digits of pi across the bottom line of grid paper. Next, color in the corresponding number of blocks above each number. Black or gray works great for this project, but any color would be fine. When you have finished coloring in all the grid blocks, cut out the colored part of the grid paper as one unit. This is the building part of your cityscape.
Pi Activity - Make A Cityscape
For the background, you can use a piece of blue paper for sky or use water colors, like above, to make a sunrise or sunset. Glue your buildings onto the bottom of the background and your cityscape is complete!

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