Using LEGO Bricks with Bible Study

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I’m graduating a LEGO lover from our homeschool this year.

And, when I say LEGO lover, I mean SERIOUS LEGO lover! We’ve been using LEGO Bricks in our homeschool for as long as I can remember. If we studied a particular topic, we probably incorporated those little blocks in some way, shape, or fashion. I learned to look at the world (and our homeschool) in a more creative way because of LEGO, and for that I am thankful.

These days, my 18-year-old son works at the Atlanta Brick Co – one of the largest independent retailers of LEGO Bricks in the world! His love of LEGO has not only gotten him a wonderful part-time job, but has also helped him develop laser focus, attention to detail, and lots of patience.

Learning with LEGO Bricks - Free Bible Verse Copywork Download

The other day a picture popped up in my Timehop app – a picture from 11 years ago. It was a picture of a Bible story Grant had depicted with LEGO – Lazarus and the tomb. Using LEGO in this way not only motivated my son, but also cemented those stories in his heart and mind.

We would read the Bible story from our Children’s Bible (the copywork is taken from the Children’s NIRV Bible), then I would have Grant create it in LEGO bricks. Copywork and memorization would come next.

These days, whenever those verses are included in the lectionary at our church, Grant and I share a smile, because we remember creating those stories in LEGO.

Best LEGO Supplies for Simple Building

A basic set of LEGO bricks is good to have on hand. We also had several baseplates, so creations could be saved and displayed.

If your kids don’t have minifigures, you’ll want to have a lot of those!

LEGO Brick Organization

And I know you’re probably wondering about LEGO organization. I don’t have anything helpful for you because organization always varied depending on my son’s age and preferences. For a time, bricks were organized by color. Then, they were managed by size and function.

If you want to get serious about it, check out this interview I did with the Season Two WINNERS of Fox TV’s LEGO Masters:

I hope you enjoy the copywork download! For more LEGO Learning resources, visit our giant resource page.

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