10 Best Vacation Business Ideas with Low Investment in 2023

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What vacation business ideas can I start with low capital? All over the world, the growth of travel and tourism has had a significant rise since the pandemic. The U.S. travel and tourism industry alone generates over $1.5 trillion in economic output in a year.

This is a result of the growing awareness of the benefits of vacation for individual and business productivity in the workplace and beyond.

Smart entrepreneurs are taking this opportunity to invest in vacation business ideas to enjoy the dividends of the travel and tour industry. The industry is an evergreen sector that boasts of increasing revenue output for the host countries.

In this article, we will look at the 10 best vacation business ideas to start with low investment.


What Are the Vacation Business Ideas with Low Capital

1. Travel Agency Service

A travel agency is one of the lucrative vacation business ideas you can start from the comfort of your home. If you are well travelled, well connected, and have a passion for arranging trips and sorting your accommodation, you may want to consider starting a travel agency.

As a travel agent, your services is to get personal clients to arrange every aspect of their travels from booking plane tickets and hotel reservation to arranging transportation and accessing event tickets, tours, and other unique experiences.

The secret entrepreneurs need to succeed in this vacation opportunity is to make the travel experience for your client a safe and memorable one. that will elicit positive mention of your agency through personal advertising, word of mouth, and online forums and social media groups.

2. Travel Photography Business 

Today’s photography business is not limited to style or category. As much as you can handle the lens to capture interesting story angles of a trip, exciting travel moments, nature, and picturesque landscapes, the opportunity to succeed is huge.

With the right equipment and adventurous spirit, you can make good earnings selling your images as print, web content, and marketing materials. You can also do YouTube vlogging and stock photography.

You can as well be more successful in the travel photography world with a strong social media presence, an attention-grabbing digital portfolio, and positive reviews from travel and tour lovers.

3. Car Rental Business

The demand for car rentals during vacation and seasonal periods of the year is one reason to start a car rental business if you have spare wheels to help tourists and visitors get their way around.

The automotive industry is a hot cake sector in most countries in the U.S., Asia, and different areas in Europe. Starting with a car rental service is a smart way to invest in the vacation business and the automotive sector as well.

Car maintenance and services are greater responsibilities for some car owners to travel with their cars, hence many opt for car rental services to move around and get a seamless experience not driving or being concerned with extra burdens.

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4. Airbnb Business

Some clients need unique accommodation settings with some personal touch that hotels or motels may not offer their guests. This is where the Airbnb business is growing significantly as a vacation business idea in different parts of the world today.

Entrepreneurs looking to start their vacation business ideas with small capital can start an Airbnb business. If you have a few rooms to spare and don’t mind accommodating a few guests around with payment for their stay, it is a welcome idea.

The business is a convenient one that is also lucrative with low capital set-up costs. House owners who rarely stay home can also do this business to earn good income on the side for using their home as an Airbnb point for guests.

5. Bed and Breakfast (BnB)

The BnB is a vacation business idea in the hospitality and accommodation setup where the owner lives on the same property or nearby. A bnb business provides lodging for tourists and travelers who prefer their use to hotels.

For reasons such as a provision of a bed with a full complimentary breakfast, some travelers would rather pay for a BnB than get an expensive hotel to lodge in.

Airbnb is often misinterpreted for bnb. The two are not the same. One major difference is, Airbnb business owners typically offer no cooking or cleaning services for guests but bnb businesses treat guests to a full breakfast meal with cleaning services.

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6. Translation Services

Tour operators, guides, and other travel related businesses need the services of tourism and hospitality translators. If you are fluent in other languages and can write, here is a vacation business idea you can begin today.

You can offer in-person services as a translator for tourists, and hotel guests who need the services of a translator. You can also create digital and traditional content to aid businesses’ marketing communication for their foreign customers and provide customer satisfaction.

7. Boutique Business

A boutique business involves stocking the best of clothing with style for either males or females. It is a lucrative business but depends on its location.

Vacation business ideas include the boutique business. If you are interested to start, you should first find the niche you want to focus on, a strategic location, and get clothing in high demand from sought-after brands to attract foreigners to buy.

8. Airport Shuttle Business

Individuals possessing an interest to drive others and love being on the road are best inclined to start an airport shuttle business.

Airport shuttles transport people between the airport to where they reside or parked their vehicles. Business travelers, solo riders, families, crews, and other groups use airport shuttles to arrive at specific destinations.

Airport shuttle drivers typically pick up people coming or returning to the airport with not more than two stops for those who need to alight at preferred spots. The vehicle used for this shuttle business is usually spacious for passengers to keep their luggage.

9. Personal Tour Guide

If you have the time to guide tourists through an area and explain interesting detail about significant sites, then you can be paid to be their personal tour guide.

You have got to be passionate about communicating and be highly skilled to accommodate and make people feel relaxed.

A personal tour guide is a creative way of operating in the travel industry. As more people enjoy your services, you become well known in the business and this presents further opportunities for you to invest deeply into the travel and tour industry.

10. Gift Novelty/Souvenir Shop

Opening a gift shop is a specialty business in the vacation world. Travelers usually can’t do without shopping for gifts for loved ones at home. They treat themselves and others with items to remind themselves of their trips.

Entrepreneurs who happen to reside in a significant area with rich artifacts, history, culture, and people, are an opportunity to explore a gift shop to attract people to get items worthy of the environment.

The gift market is lucrative and it is expected the gift novelty market will grow by $11.88 billion between 2021 -2025. One advantage is it doesn’t require so much setup capital to set up a small-size shop.

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