10 Top Courses To Study Abroad as a Nigerian Student 

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It is the joy of many Nigerian students to study abroad. The number of Nigerians studying abroad has increased in the last five years.

According to university world, about 100,000 Nigerian students were enrolled abroad in 2020.

While it is good to study overseas, it is important to know the right course to study abroad. 

Many students plan what to study during their high school education. But with age and experience, they tend to change their mind to study something different.

If you wish to study abroad, know that the education system in Nigeria is different from the one abroad. So, you need to get all the necessary details as you plan to study abroad.

In this article, I will show you the 10 top courses to study abroad. Meanwhile, several factors determine how you choose a course to study abroad.


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What Are The Factors That Influences The Course To Study Abroad?

Studying abroad is a delightful experience and choosing a course to study is influenced by the factors below. 

1. Affordable Tuition Fees

International students are billed more on whatever the course of study is. Also, the cost of tuition fees is lesser or greater depending on the nature of the course. 

So, you might need to know your budget before choosing a course to study abroad

2. Employability Rate

One of the reasons to study abroad is the higher employment rate it confers than in your home country. However, studying a course with lesser demand can affect the employability rate after graduation.

3. Career Goals and Options

It is advisable to choose a course to study abroad that fits your career goals with the options readily available.

It will be a waste of time and resources to study medicine abroad and not function in the field.


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10 Top Courses To Study Abroad As a Nigerian Student

1. Business Management

The act of managing and coordinating business activities is an integral part of companies, organizations, and corporations.

Business management is a top course to study abroad. The fact that the course covers a wide range of topics makes graduates of the course highly sought after.

2. Computer Science

The study of computation, automation, and information is basically what studying computer science entails. 

Computer science is a high demand field in our world today. Computer science graduates are highly employable, with a lot of work opportunities in various fields such as healthcare, media, tech, and finance. 

Opting for a course like computer science to study abroad is a wise choice.

3. Engineering

Engineering in all of its specializations is a very profitable industry. Whether civil, oil and gas, mechanical, electrical, or software engineering, they are all marketable and enviable courses to study abroad

Engineering graduates are highly employable and there are vast work opportunities in various sectors like construction, technology,  manufacturing, and many others.

4. Medical and Biological Sciences

These courses are top niche sectors that smart science students go for. Medical science is the study of human health, and how and detailed understanding of how a healthy human body should work.

Taking a course in biological science can be the first step to becoming a doctor and other related professions.

5. Finance

The high demand and high salaries are reasons to study a course in finance. The common courses in this field can open you to vast opportunities in the finance sector including Accountancy, Economics, and Auditing.

6. Marketing and Sales

Marketing is a dynamic field that focuses on creating and promoting products or services to customers. It includes areas like advertising, consumer behavior and market research, and brand communications. 

Marketing graduates are highly employable, with many finding work in a range of industries, from advertising and branding to market research and product management. 

7. Nursing

Nursing is worth paying attention to in our world today. Aside from its high employability, it is also a high demand field, as health innovative solutions are becoming popular across nations.

8. Information Technology

Various industries need IT professionals. From the finance sector to healthcare, from sales to media, every sector seems to require the services of  Information Technicians.

What this means is, graduates of information technology are highly employable. They can take job roles in software development, cyber-security, network administration, and data management.

9. Data Science

Data Science is becoming a popular course to study. It is a field based on the collection, organization, interpretation, and management of large and complex data.

Data scientists use programming skills, statistical methods, and other tools to read, analyze, and identify relationships, patterns, and insights in data collection. 

Data science graduates can take competitive roles in the industries such as e-commerce, marketing, and finance.

10. Law

Law is also one of the best courses to study abroad. It has different fields that allow students to specialize in their areas of interest.

There is no sector without the provision of its legal side. Pursuing a career in the legal industry is profitable.

Some of the fields of Law are commercial law, banking law, international law, media law, etc.


Choosing the best course to study a broad must resonate well with you. You should also research the area extensively to confirm if you can toll the path.

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