9 Effective Ways To Achieve Time Management

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Time is the whole essence of life. It is the highest currency by which all transactions can be made. Time is well managed, defines the results of hard work, and produces a wealth of other benefits in all life facets.

Some people will wish to be good at making the most efficient use of time. This is why time management must be self-practiced to achieve more productivity in the workplace and other human ventures.

Meanwhile, time management is a habit, not an act. Anyone can become better at effective time management. It begins with awareness, practice, and consistent effort to stay disciplined till the point of mastery.

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What is Time Management?

Time management is the proper coordination of activities to achieve the maximum use of an individual’s effort. It involves planning and organizing time between various activities for optimum benefit i.e. to get more done in less time.

What are the Benefits of Time Management?

It increases productivity.
It reduces stress and pressure at work
It boosts your confidence and self-esteem
It helps one to be better organized and disciplined
It helps you to be smarter and better at making decisions
It helps you get appropriate sleep
It improves a positive reputation
It makes you a focused thinker and achiever
It creates greater opportunities and rewards at work
It boosts overall life success

9 Ways to Be Effective at Time Management

1. Goal Setting

To be an effective time manager, you must be productive at setting goals. Goals are deliberate intentions a person has in mind to achieve within a specific time.

Having a goal is more than a desire rather, it is a conscious decision that involves effort and discipline to meet a need. Setting goals means that a person has committed thought, emotion, and behavior toward attaining a goal.

What goal setting is to effective time management is what breath is to life. As you work on setting goals, you become effective at knowing how to manage your time. Goals keep you on your toes and improve your speed and concentration, especially at work.

2. Prioritize

Everything on your desk at a particular time varies in degree of urgency and relevance. Your ability to know which duty comes first is highly important to achieve time management.

You might be involved in a lot of things but in the end, you discovered, the time so far was spent on frivolities. This is caused by a lack of prioritizing your activities.

Prioritizing enables you to do first things first. It helps you to apportion limited time to the relevant activities that cannot be delayed. Good-time managers have learned to do tasks with the highest value compared to other activities on their list.

3. Set a Daily Routine

The human body adjusts to repetitive behavior. When you continually do something, the body naturally adjusts and it no longer takes too much effort again. Setting a clear daily routine helps you to live prepared, organized, and tactful.

Work gets easier when you stick to your routine. You can create your routine the best way it suits your productivity and balance at work and other things. If you prefer the night to day, plan your timetable that way, and keep it the same. This helps you to be more effective and thereby achieve better time management.

4. Avoid Distraction

Distractions are avoidable. Honoring your time at work helps you to deface any obstruction to that effect.

Distraction is a time killer. You wouldn’t know what you missing until, you can take a record of time spent on irrelevant chattering, social media engagement, ruminating, and other distracting factors.

Oftentimes, what is capable of distracting, may not look so at the outside, but the aim is to reduce your productivity.

Therefore, you should be focused and stick to one task at a time. Avoid multitasking as much as possible, especially when you don’t have to.

5. Delegate Duties

Delegation is a good practice of relieving the workload that can be shared with others. Except, the duty is extremely sensitive, you should know when to delegate duties and pursue more valuable activities.

Effective time managers are good at incorporating great hands to start or complete tasks to achieve the overall plan. Productivity is not built on competence alone, it takes team building, and other work management skills to achieve excellence.

6. Meet Deadline Intentionally (Avoid using overtime)

Effective time management requires that you plan to keep time scheduled for a given task. This means you should time-box your tasks and stick to them. When the time you schedule for a task elapses, be disciplined to keep to it and find another time to make up.

Failure to meet the deadline of previous tasks will affect others. So, ensure to stick to the time apportioned for each task on your desk.

7. Get Good Sleep

Sleep is vital to help you achieve time management. Studies show that adequate sleep help body metabolism, reduces stress, and improves productivity. When we get a good rest, it rejuvenates our strength and helps us start the day fresh.

Meanwhile, sleep is different from normal rest. It involves the complete relaxation of the brain. It is not the same as watching television or listening to the news. When you can get quality sleep, it makes it difficult for you to feel drowsy at work.

8. Maximize Time Management Tools

Time management tools like Clockify and Paymo are great at time tracking and management. It helps boost your speed and time management skills.

When you make appropriate use of time tools as simple as notes and the calendar, it goes a long way to help you organize time and stay ahead.

Time management is built over time with discipline and effort. As you learn to maximize time management tools, you are building to remain time conscious and steady even without the tools.

If you can manage time, you will be good at anything else. Time is delicate, and it takes understanding the principles of time management to be able to effectively put time to the best use.

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