Difference Between Essence And Toner Based 2023

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essence vs toner

What exactly the difference between essence and toner is. Indeed, at glance, this toner and essence have the same shape and texture, so some people think that the two are the same, even though they are different.

Toner and essence are used for the cleansing stage. They offer their own benefits.

To get to know toner and essence more closely, consider the following differences between essence and toner:

Before you know the difference between essence and toner in more detail, it’s good to know what the meaning both first. Toner is a facial cleansing product that is made from a special liquid to clean skin cells.

The use of toner is to clean the skin and restore the skin’s pH. This is used after washing your face. Usually the face pH rises after going through the cleansing process using a face wash. For that reason, toner is used as the first step after cleaning makeup at night.

What is meant by essence itself is a facial cleansing product whose basic ingredients are liquid or water. Essence is a combination of toner and serum. The use of essence is to help other skincare ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin and make the skin moister.

The way it works is similar to serum, you can take a few drops then apply it to your face. After that, smooth it while massaging your face from the bottom up in a circular motion.

Toner Function

Toner and essence have different functions. Toners have the function of moisturizing the skin so it doesn’t dry out after washing your face.

Besides, toner can also be used to overcome the problem of excess face oil. The astringent content can help reduce sebum and oil on the surface of the skin. This type of toner can also prevent the face from looking oily so that the makeup lasts longer.

It also removes pimples. Mild acne issue can be overcome by using a toner that contains benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. These ingredients can clean the pores of the skin so as to prevent blackheads or pimples.

Essence Function

In spite of the difference between essence and toner, let’s talk about essence function. The essence helps the absorption of active ingredients into the skin. Essence is proven to be effective in opening the way for other skincare ingredients so that it can enter the skin pores more easily and quickly. tags

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