Is Connecticut a Good Place to Live in 2023?

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Are you considering moving to Connecticut in the US but want to be sure if it’s a good decision? Hence your question, “is Connecticut a good place to live?”

There are several factors to consider before deciding if Connecticut is a good place to live. These include security, cost of living, foreigners’ hospitality, etc.


Is Connecticut a Good Place to Live?

Connecticut is really a good place to live, the only con is the cost of living in Connecticut. The cost of living can really affect the quality of life.

Every other things seems to be pretty fair in Connecticut besides the cost of living. Do you think that should not be a problem for you? If not, Connecticut is really a good place to live.

What Makes Connecticut a Good or Bad Place to Live?

Here are the factors we considered:

1. Cost of living 

One of the most important things to consider when moving to any place is the cost of living there. You don’t want to live where you live from hand to mouth because the cost of living is crazy.

The cost of living seems to be crazier than in many states. The cost of living is about 19% higher in Connecticut than the US national average.

You will probably think that the home prices will be some sort of ease. The home price in Connecticut is 26% higher than the US national average.

The worst is the cost of utilities. It is 31% higher in Connecticut that the US national average. Even basic necessities like food, clothing, groceries, etc are about 16% higher than the US national average.

For me, this is one of the top factors to consider when considering moving to a location. The cost of living in Connecticut seems to be off the roof. If you must stay in Connecticut, it must be well planned, especially if you are just starting out your life.

2. Security and crime rate

Nobody wants to live in the middle of a war zone, or in a place where one’s life is unsafe. Every other factor would not matter if safety is out of the window.

The violent crime rate in Connecticut is 1.6 incidents out of 1000 people, which is the third lowest in the US.

The property crime rate in Connecticut is 15.1, which is lower than the US average, but higher than the rates in other New England states.

So, we can say that Connecticut is still a little fair when it comes to the crime rate.

3. Weather

The climate in Connecticut is continental, with cold and snowy winters, and warm to hot summers.

4. Amenities

This is another essential factor to consider when considering moving to a new location. You don’t want to stay in a place where you and your family will not have access to basic amenities like education, health, good transportation, etc.

When it comes to the quality of healthcare in Connecticut, it is ranked number 6 in the whole of the US which is pretty much a cool thing.

But we all know that this really not the real deal, as to having to be able to afford this quality of healthcare. What is the essence of the available quality healthcare if it can be accessed and affordable to the people it was created for?

When it comes to healthcare affordability, Connecticut is also ranked number 6. Even though, there have been complaints about healthcare affordability all around the country. But it seems Connecticut is still better than many of the states in the US.

Also, there is a program called Covered Connecticut Program. This program covers health insurance, dental coverage, and non-emergency medical transportation benefits without any cost attached to it. The only thing that is necessary is that you need to be qualified for this.

Let us go to Education, Connecticut is home to great Universities like Yale University, Fairfield University, Wesleyan University, and many other colleges.

5. Tax

Tax is also another strong factor to consider, as tax can be high in some states in the United States. You might think that it won’t hurt that you pay a few tens or hundreds of dollars every month.

Connecticut’s progressive income tax is between 3% – 6.99%, this means the tax rate is dependent on the exact income you earn. The sales tax rate is 6.35%.

6. Economy and employment opportunities

You definitely want to know how easy it can be to get good jobs in the place you are planning to move to, or how the economy of the place is.

When it comes to the job market in Connecticut, it is really booming pretty well. The private sector employment saw an increase of 6,100 positions, which is about a 0.4% increase.

According to WalletHub, Connecticut is among the best states in the US to find a job. The unemployment rate in Connecticut is 4.0%, which is lesser than the US national average which is 6.0%. The average salary in Connecticut is $66,113.


I hope you have gotten all the necessary information you need to decide if living in Connecticut is a good place for you.

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