Otus and Skyward’s Partnership to Improve Data-Driven Instruction

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Otus and Skyward are teaming up to help educators streamline the ways in which student growth data is gathered and analyzed to improve learning outcomes for all students. 

Otus offers a comprehensive assessment suite that contains thousands of ready-to-use, standards- and curriculum-aligned assessments that can be used for formative, summative, or common assessments to measure student learning. Educators can also easily design their own assessments so they can track student progress flexibly. All of this assessment data can be automatically sent to the Skyward gradebook, reducing any additional work and data entry on the teacher’s end.

In this webinar, Keith Westman, Otus Chief Operating Officer, and Ali DeGeorge, Skyward’s SIS Product Line Manager, discuss:

    • How Otus supports assessments, standards-based and traditional grading, data-driven instruction, and progress monitoring – all in one place!
    • How Otus and Skyward seamlessly work together to reduce educator workload and enable educators to make data-informed decisions to improve student outcomes.

Ready to learn more about how the Otus and Skyward partnership can streamline the ways in which student growth data is gathered and analyzed in your school community? Get in touch with our team!

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