True Reasons People Fail In Life

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True Reasons people fail in life
True Reasons People Fail In Life

You must have heard some motivational speakers say there are no failures in life, only lessons. This is true when the pursuit of success on a matter is continuous and unrelenting.

Once a man gives up on a pursuit without succeeding in it yet, it means he has given in to failure. As long as you continue to find a way out, you have not failed, you only fail when you give up on your pursuit of success.

So it is up to the individual not to give up the fight on any issue at all until light turns up on it. A glimpse of light is all we need to get better. As the saying goes, there is light at the end of the tunnel, so you keep on keeping on until you see the light.

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Are You Struggling To Get Ahead In Life?


5 Quotes To Help You Win And Not Fail In life

101 definitions of life can get you on your feet, be your best and stay put to the end.

1. Your Life Is The Sum Total Of All Your Choices Up To This Present Moment – Brain Tracy 

If you don’t want to fail in life, it begins with your decisions, especially at critical times. What we do matters a lot with time, this is why we must have time for everything you do. Anyone who chooses to fail in life can keep wasting time and making the wrong choices.

2. Our Life Is The Sum Total Of All The Decisions We Make Every Day, And Those Decisions Are Determined By Our Priorities. – Myles Munroe  

A sense of priority is required not to fail in life. Priority shows us the way to go first, then we can come back to do anything else. When your priority is not fixed, you will fail in life still.

3. Nothing In Life Is To Be Feared, It Is Only To Be Understood. Now Is The Time To Understand More, So That We May Fear Less – Marie Curie 

When life gives you reasons to shrink back and live in fear, you must learn to fight back and do what you have to do.

Reality is, the things that scare us the most are things we have not realized how to overcome and make them work for us.

4. He Who Has A Why To Live Can Bear Almost Any How- Friedrich Nietzsche 

Your why is not big enough when your how is still very selective in honorable things. You must have conquered and reached certain heights before you consider options not worth your time and efforts.

5. Life was meant to be enjoyed and not endured – Anonymous

Life should only be endured for the sake of making it enjoyable in due time.

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9 Reasons Why People Fail In Life

1. Ignorance

Life does not give equal opportunity to everyone but each of us can create our opportunities. A lot of people complain when they can discover how to make life work for them through honorable means.

To be ignorant is not the absence of knowledge, it is the absence of wisdom- knowing what to do with the knowledge acquired.

There are a lot of knowledgeable people around. They only know about things but cannot take control of the same things.
So, if you must not fail in life, seek wisdom on what should do, and stay there until you become it.

2. Indecision

Some people, why they will fail in life is a lack of conviction to do what should be done at the time it was meant to be. It will be difficult to fail in life when you have strong convictions in the things you do to achieve what you want in life.

A man who is convinced about selling pure water and is doing it diligently, cannot fail. In a space of time, he will be employing others to sell his pure water. What this means is that you need strong convictions to make good decisions if you must not fail in life.

3. Failure to Try

Ever heard of this line, ‘To succeed at something, you need to increase your chances to fail’? Failure is success turned inside out.

The more you fail at a thing, the easier it gets to succeed at it. Only pay attention to the lessons each time you fail. You are not a failure for failure is an event, not a person.

However, you can end up a failure if you fail to try. There are a lot of ways to achieve anything in any given area if you will try to learn and not give up even when the process seems difficult.

Ask people like J.K Rowling, Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison, these are names you must have read their stories.

What about the people around you, the ones you know personally? How did they work past failure to success? You also, shouldn’t fail in life, start doing now instead of complaining and giving excuses for not trying.

4. Copycats and Wannabees

Some people are completely ignorant of what they should do with their lives. These set of people don’t know they are ignorant of the opportunities that lie within their reach.

They live the lives of other people, trying to be and do like X, Y, Z. They pay attention to what is happening around them, and know the best personalities in different fields, yet lack the knowledge to do what they were meant to do with life.

Even when they become aware, the fear of what people will say will deny them the privilege to succeed but to fail in life.

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5. Procrastination

Procrastination is a thief of time. It can make a man fail in life when he’s become too comfortable living a procrastinated life.

The twin brother of procrastination is  ‘Had I know’. It brings the past into the present and the future, thereby, affecting the present to become another repeated moment and the future with shadows of the past.

6. Indiscipline

You will go through pains to be disciplined but it is not like the pains you go through for being indisciplined.

The way to success can be full of roadblocks like uncertainty, hunger, difficulties, insults, loss, and the like but if you can be disciplined to hold on until success, you cannot fail in life.

Life indeed is pleasurable but without discipline, life can be wasted. Indiscipline is one major reason people fail in life. They didn’t let go of excesses that can hinder their life’s journey to a successful arrival.

7. Laziness

Resting before getting tired bests describes laziness.

Although laziness is contextual. Someone can be lazy at playing football but he can never get tired of solving arithmetic. This fellow is not lazy, he is not passionate about football, and he has his interest.

The type of laziness that tends to make people fail in life is when they ignore work that will bring them success in life.

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8. Mismanagement

Inappropriate distribution of available resources can make one fail in life. Take, for instance, a family who earns $30,000 monthly, yet lives on a monthly bill of $100,000 for groceries will be ruined if nothing is done.

Other values aside money can be mismanaged, examples are talents, skills, businesses, opportunities, investments, and many others.

9. Inconsistency

When all is done that was meant to be, yet lack of consistency can abort success in a given area.

Consistency is what brings the results. It what’s makes for the smooth running of a process or product. Nothing can be exchanged for consistency. It must be included in the hacks for you not to fail in life.

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