10 Ways to Develop a Good Thinking Mind

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How do I develop a good thinking mind?  There is something about humans, it is called ability. The manner in which we were created, enables us to be good at anything we want. If our desire for something can exceed our prevailing circumstances, there is a high chance, we would eventually accomplish that desire.

Every man on planet Earth has the capacity to be, to do, and to have. We carry such a huge potential in us, that can only be harnessed when we acknowledge it, understand it, and then put it to work. One of the abilities we humans have is a good thinking mind though not everyone knows how to use it.

In this article, I will be discussing how to develop a good thinking mind, and how you can begin to harness the power effectively to get things done for yourself and others.

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What Is Good Thinking?

The ability to think right and clearly and not necessarily rationally is what is called good thinking.

What Is the Difference Between Good Thinking and Positive Thinking?

Good thinking is about being creative with thoughts, while positive thinking is focusing on the good of a given situation.

While good thinking is responsible for questioning, interpreting, analyzing, and judging a matter to carefully understand and connect the available facts and information, positive thinking is taking a positive stand in the evaluation of things.

The basic interest for positive thinking is having an optimistic attitude towards the intent and outcome of any matter or situation. It is having a positive outlook on various things.

These two are great thinking patterns necessary to live the good life. They play a vital role in the display of character, attitude to life, and work habits, and they affect an individual day to day living.

The Power of a Good Thinking Mind

Have you ever wondered about the power of your thoughts? Thoughts are our perceptions, ideas, and beliefs about the world. We carry so much great power in us and it begins from our thoughts.

Thoughts are one of the strongest power we humans can wield. According to Wikipedia, thought or thinking is a mental process that allows beings to model the world, and so to deal with it effectively according to their goals, plans, ends, and desires.

What is the essence of having a good thinking mind?  Just the way the wrong things affect us is the same way we gain from the good. Our minds have an abundant wealth of information, ideas, solutions, and ways we can begin to use to create our happiness and enjoy beautiful experiences.

But it all bores down to how productively we utilize the power in us- our thoughts. We can start today to consciously think about what we are thinking about. If it produces no good, we eradicate but if it brightens, and lightens our paths, we bring it on.

What Differentiates Good Thinkers from Poor Thinkers?

  1. Good thinkers dwell long enough on an issue before they make a decision while poor thinkers don’t pay attention to issues to reach an appropriate decision.
  2. Good thinking considers alternatives, uncertainty, and openness to multiple possibilities but poor thinking is not so. Poor thinkers value certainty so much and are intolerant of any ambiguity that may occur.
  3. Poor thinker gives up prematurely but good thinkers are more deliberate and easily don’t quit.
  4. Good thinkers create the environment and find a space to think regularly and consciously on matters that need attention. Poor thinkers live on the go. They rarely find the time to think, instead, they prefer to use their intuition alone.

How to Develop a Good Thinking Mind?

1. Acknowledge You Have to Stop Bad and Poor Thinking Patterns

When you want to develop a new mindset, start by acknowledging you should stop the old ways of thinking. This opens your mind to be in control and gradually adjust to a new way of thinking.

2. Pay Attention to Your Thoughts.

Check your thoughts regularly if they are beginning to align with what you want. This helps you to break thought flows that don’t align. Then quickly replace it with what is needful.

3. Surround Yourself with Good Thinkers

There are people you can call for a minute and your countenance brightens up immediately. Surround yourself with positive, and good thinkers who can help you boost your self-morale, productiveness, and confidence.

4. Create an Atmosphere for Daily Good Thinking

Irrespective of your tight schedule, find time to relax your mind intentionally to create the flow of good thoughts and allow your thoughts to build on other good ideas.

5. Be a Doer

Take action on your good thought immediately. Don’t linger on your good ideas. Take action on them as they flow.

6. Keep a Journal

As a good thinker, you are or trying to be, keeping a journal, where you jot down those inner interactions and loud arguments within can help you clarify and pay attention to details of events ongoing in your life.

Writing down your thoughts relaxes your mind, keeps treasured events and ideas, and helps you focus on the present.

7. Practice Self-Talk

Self-talk means addressing some issues by speaking them loud to your hearing. It is something you can practice daily to make the changes you desire or act on some things that are important to you. People who practice self-talk often get themselves going through difficult times or crises.

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8. Control What Goes into Your Mind

Two channels to the entrance of the mind are the eyes and the ears. Maintaining a good thinking mind is not in isolation from the things we feed our eyes and eyes on. These things go to register in our minds. So, if you still don’t control the things you allow into your mind, you go back to putting things in disarray.

9. Meditate on God’s Word

The extent to which a man has within him is the extent to which he can excel on the outside. We are simply a reflection of what we think daily. There is power in the written word of God, it organizes and transforms our thoughts to think on what is not just good but best for us.

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil. To give you an expected end. (Jeremiah 29:11).

10. Maintain A Joyful Attitude

A joyous mood gives strength. It is easy to do the things you want to be done when you are bright and your heart is not heavy. This is why psychologists suggest you try to make yourself happy even when in bad shape. The reality is if you can reflect on good thoughts, your joy will increase and vice versa.

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Final Words

We have the power. It is in every one of us, I mean the power of the mind. The mind as author Joyce Meyer describes it, is a battlefield. What goes on inside begins from a thought, the more the good thoughts, the better for us.

Why not begin to work on achieving a good thinking mind against all odds? It is still one of the best decisions you will make in a lifetime. You can use the social buttons to share with your friends to learn and grow in this direction. You can also make your remarks using the comment session.

I hope you got value.

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