5 Things That Will Interest You About Hilda Baci’s Success (2023)

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Hilda Baci

Hilda Baci, the 27 year old entrepreneur who broke the Guinness World Record for the “longest cooking marathon by an individual” is a pride for herself, her family, and the Nigeria country at large.

Five things will interest you about Hilda Baci’s success. All proves you also can achieve a feat if you will stick to your dreams long enough and be smart about actualizing them.

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5 Things To Learn From Hilda Baci

1. Preparation Time is Not Wasted Time

Anything great requires some process before it can materialize. Timing is everything but some youths don’t want to engage time in something productive. These set of people are in search of fast lanes. Such fast lanes lead nowhere fast.

The 4 days cook marathon for Hilda Baci took a preparation time of 6 good years. The young foodpreneur was busy with her plan to achieve the moment of getting the title Lata Tondon once held

Sometimes, you need to stick long enough on your strategies before your dreams can see the light.  Hilda’s dream was to break the Guinness World Record and she did after years of labor, and orchestrating her plans.

2. Start Somewhere About Your Dreams

Do you dream of becoming a pilot, business owner, reputable blogger, or best selling author? Whatever the dream is, find somewhere about that dream of yours to start from.

Praise George wrote a book titled “Start where you are with what you have”. Isn’t that impressive? What are you doing about your dreams?

Hilda on her part, started her food brand, she knew the experience matters, hence she didn’t wait before starting her food business from her school days with her brother.

Whatever the dream is, take time to start somewhere, didn’t wait for the full materialization before you begin your journey to success.

3. Get All The Motivation You Will Need

Motivation is essential for continued success. What most people don’t know is while you may need the motivation of others, you are your biggest motivation.

So, look inward to find the energy to keep pursuing what you love.

There will be times when it seems nothing good can come out of your pains and struggles. Do not shrink back. Those are difficult times and they are all part of the process.

Keep pushing forward until you hit the track you have come closer to than you once started. Success is a journey, not a destination.

Hilda’s mum was her motivation for her world record feat. But the truth is, it is possible she doesn’t take to the lessons or simply ignores her mum. Her cooperation proves she knows herself, which reflects her ability to make good use of the help available.

4. Good Knowledge and Practice Must Be Involved.

Some people will still water down her effort like there is no big deal about cooking. She is just lucky, She has sponsors. Blah blah blah.

The same cooking Hilda was able to break the record with is what many people find very difficult to do.

Aside from it being probably a hobby and training from her childhood, good practice was not thrown into the ditch.

To be an expert in an area takes over 10,000 hours of practice. Practice makes perfect. To do a cookathon, cooking skill is just one of the requirements. You need to be fit physically, mentally, and in other areas.

Hilda had to employ the services of a gym coach to help train her body for the exercise. She also got a trainer to help her prepare for the physical activity of a 100-hour prolonged activity.

She showed the world she was ready and steady which of course deserves worthy recognition. Why won’t she be celebrated?

5. Savings/Investment Culture Should not be Ignored

Reports have it that she is fully employed with a fashion retail company, runs cooking show ‘In My Kitchen,’ on several TV stations, and features in some acting roles.

Hilda Baci was busy with her plans to heart. According to the Akwa-Ibom born, she has been saving for the cookathon project. Fortunately, she got support from brands, who sponsored her in different ways.

Putting the success story together you will observe she is the type that has cultivated the habit of saving and investing.

What are you doing about financing your dreams? If Hilda Baci was looking up to sponsorship, she will not be a Guinness World Record celebrity the world is cheering today.

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