9 Summer Vacation Ideas For University Students to Stay Productive (2023)

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College students yearn for time to ease the stress of assignments and lectures. It is always not easy to have straight weeks without some book activity interference except of course on summer vacation.

The summer holiday varies for different countries which affects different schools. In the U.K., summer starts from mid-June to late September, In the United States, summer break is approximately two to three months depending on the region.

Most schools on average allow six weeks for college students to enjoy the summer. The holiday typically runs for six weeks to fourteen weeks depending on the country.

It differs from college to college and region to region. For instance, in Italy, students have the longest summer break with 13 weeks of vacation followed by Portugal and Greece with 12 weeks.

However, the time range for a summer vacation whether 6 weeks or more is reasonably a productive time to get involved in some activities that fill your passion, make some money, visit interesting places, and stay productive before the new semester.


What Is a Summer?

Summer is the season between spring and autumn when the weather is usually warm or hot. It is called several things for different cultures and countries e.g. Indian summer and green season.

What Is a Summer Vacation?

Summer vacation is a time in summer when students are not in school. It is often the time between the end of the regular school term of the school system. At this time, employers including students are closed for the term.

It is a long period where students can enjoy and relax outside compulsory school learning to enjoy other vocations, interests, and hobbies. It usually takes the duration between two weeks to three and a half months.

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Do College Students Need All That Time (6-14 Weeks) For Summer Vacation?

It depends on how long the school is closed for the summer break. But ideally, college students need the break to revitalize and get on other areas of life especially if they have been college bound. It is an incredible time for growth, development, and productivity beyond the four walls of an institution.

9 Summer Vacation Ideas to Stay Productive

1. Get Work Experience

Work experience has dimensions to enable students to get a practical understanding of the job market. Not all students would have the opportunity to have hands-on-the-job training while in school yet if you apply for vacation jobs in line with your career preferences, course of study, or expertise you would find one that fits.

There are diverse means of gaining work experience which include, internships (on or off campus), volunteer work, professional associations, student clubs, and residential life and living. So, quit relaxing all through your summer and get your hands and brain busy doing some real time jobs online and offline.

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2. Learn a Profitable Skill

There is a wide range of skills to learn and get adequate expertise on before school reopens. It, therefore means you must be careful to decide which skill is not just profitable but suitable for you to learn.

You might want to learn Java Script and coding but you are not inclined in programming at all. This will not be the best choice since it will take more time compared to when you pick a profitable skill in editing or online marketing, that matches your competence before now.

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3. Fan Your Interest

The summer vacation is an occasion to blossom in other areas of interest aside from studies. Probably you love athletics, football, music, or anything else that thrills you. The free time in your summer vacation is a great time to horn and fan your interest.

According to Kate Daubney, director of the Careers Group for the University of London, pursuing our hobbies and interests can help also explore our values. The passion and enthusiasm you have for your interest reveal a commitment to learning about something well.

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4. Create an Effective Linked-In Profile

One productive thing you should do during your summer vacation is to create an effective LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn can be a powerful tool to give you a professional edge in the business world. Amongst all social media, a LinkedIn profile proves you are dedicated to pursuing a career. Here you can also have a great opportunity to connect and network with professionals and others .

5. Write Your Resume

It is the perfect time to write your resume. At this time you can research and learn smart ways of writing a compelling CV and cover letter. Having a complete resume ready gives you the best shot to begin to apply for jobs available and share with your connects for benefit of securing a job.

6. Spend Time with Family and Friends

What is a vacation without family and friends? The idea of the summer vacation is to spend time with your loved ones. Circle of friends looks for time to hang out together, travel across cities, hit the game, and chatter away time doing their interests. It is also an awaited time to visit home and probably catch up with what you have missed being away.

7. Research or Revisit Uncompleted Personal Projects

Research takes time and when it comes to personal projects, you will love to get the facts right to influence your decisions. As a student, you have likely at least one project you have written down or close to your heart to implement in the nearest future. The ability to plan accurately and stay committed requires time and

8. Create an Exercise Routine

If you have not formed the habit of exercising, it is a good time to start so you have a healthy habit to continue while in school to keep you fit. As you start been intentional with an exercise routine, you are enabling a routine that will help you all through school time and beyond.

9. Set Your New Academic Goal

The summer will come and end quickly before you may even realize it. Once that happens, full school work resumes. Having a new academic goal will help you plan and prepare for a successful semester. So, plan on paper specific goals you will want to achieve as school reopens.


Things to do during summer vacation are numerous. For university students, it is a productive time to do the things listed above. Meanwhile, without planning your schedule for the vacation, your productivity might not be optimal. This is due to too many glaring activities that will confuse and get your attention.

So it is best you carefully know the top things to pursue as you plan for your summer vacation. You have a list here already, just identify the ones you are comfortable with. You can use the comment box to add your summer vacation ideas and don’t forget to share this post with friends.

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