ABC Matching Letter Recognition Mats

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Learning visual discrimination and recognizing letters in various fonts can be challenging when you’ve only just learned the alphabet. However, kids will encounter many different fonts as they read text in books, on signs, and anywhere there are letters. With regular practice and hands-on activities, your children will learn to recognize letters no matter the font! Play dough mats are a fun and hands-on way for your children to practice many different skills with an added element of sensory play. This free printable ABC Matching Letter Recognition Mats set allows your children to work on fine motor practice as they work to identify letters in various fonts.


ABC Font Matching Play Dough Mats

These no-prep ABC Matching Play Dough Mats are perfect for literacy centers and small-group math activities.

Laminate them or add them to dry-erase pockets so that you can use them over and over again.

As kids roll out play dough snakes to create the letters, they are getting excellent fine motor practice.

Fine motor letter mats for alphabet activities

You can have children choose their favorite color of play dough, roll it out into long pieces and then shape the pieces to fit inside each letter.

Free printable font matching ABC play dough mats

At the bottom of the sheet, kids can roll out play dough balls to place in the letter frames and show the corresponding letter on the play dough mat.

Then once they’re done adding all of their play dough balls, they can MASH them with their finger to re-shape and make sure they created the correct letter.

Roll and Mash Letter Recognition Activity to learn the ABCs

If you’d like, these sets can also be printed 2 or 4 to a page for a smaller version. Then you can laminate them and use them with dry-erase markers for a different way to practice.

Free printable letter formation ABC mats

Additional activities to extend learning:

  • Have kids find items around the classroom that correspond with each letter.
  • Have children attempt to create their own letters and shapes from what they have learned on the table with the play dough.
Free Printable Alphabet Fine Motor Play Dough ABC Mats

Get The FREE Printable ABC Matching Letter Recognition Play Dough Mats

A to Z font matching play dough mats freebie. Free printable ABC Matching Letter Recognition Mats

Magnetic Letter Sorting Pack

Help preschoolers learn the alphabet, name recognition, sight words, and more with this magnetic letter sorting pack!

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