How Much To Travel From Nigeria To Canada

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Are you planning to travel to Canada from Nigeria? Then you need to find out the cost of traveling to Canada from Nigeria. Many Nigerians are migrating from the country for several reasons such as holidays, study, and the search for greener pastures. Canada is among the countries with the highest number of Nigerian immigrants.

This post will show you key pieces of information regarding the cost of traveling to Canada from Nigeria. Grab a seat and let’s dive straight in.

Cost of Getting a Canadian Visa in Nigeria

The first thing you must do to travel to Canada from Nigeria after getting your international passport is to get a visa. Applying for a Canadian visa in Nigeria is not as difficult as you think. Once you have a clear understanding of the processes involved, you should complete your application easily.

The first thing you must do when applying for a Canadian visa is to pay the visa application fee. It is impossible to submit your application without first paying the visa fee. Note that the type of visa you are applying for will determine the cost of the application fee. Below are some of the top Canadian visas that you can apply for in Nigeria and their costs in Canadian Dollars and Nigerian Naira:

  • Biometric (Family) — CAN$170 (N26,400)
  • Biometric (Individual) — CAN$85 (N13,200)
  • Family rate — CAN$500 (N78,000)
  • Individual visa — CAN$100 (N15,600)
  • Study permit — CAN$150 (N23,400)
  • Work permit — CAN$155 (N24,200)

After making your application payment, you will get a receipt. Kindly note that you are expected to handle this receipt with utmost care as you will need it later on in your application process. You should also note that the visa application fee is non-refundable, whether the application is granted.

Cost of Flights to Canada from Nigeria

Another important cost that you must consider when planning to travel to Canada from Nigeria is flights. In the same way we have different visa application costs, there are also different costs of flights from Nigeria to Canada.

Several international passenger airliners convey passengers to Canada from Nigeria. To get the best prices, you have to check the different airliners and weigh your options. We have checked for the flight costs across different international passenger airliners that convey passengers to Canada from Nigeria.

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