Preschool Songs for Summer

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My children love music, and music has always been a fantastic tool to teach a variety of concepts in our classroom. Using songs in preschool classrooms is an easy and fun way to help our kids learn about the various seasons. This is why I wanted to share with you my favorite preschool songs for summer! These can be used for small groups or a summer unit theme. If you need even more inspiration for your classroom, check out one of our other preschool classroom themes.

Visit the posts below to download the free lyrics for the song, or purchase the full emergent reader song pack for even more literacy skill practice.

This fun song about watermelons will teach your kids everything they need to know about this classic summer fruit.

Learn about the shining sun in Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun

Join The Singing Walrus in Summer Song for Kids for a fun sing-a-long song.

Larn about the animals in the ocean with this catchy song for kids.

Learn about the four seasons with the help of The Seasons Song.

Sing and follow the movements in Have Fun This Summer!

Explore the season of summer in Boom Chicka Boom Summer.

Sing about all the fun parts of summer in Summer!

Your kids will love singing about the fun of summer in Summer Song.

If your little ones love summertime, they will love singing along with Summer Songs for Kids.

Dance along and sing the tunes with this set of Summer Songs for Kids.

Sing along with The Kiboomers as you learn about Animals in the Ocean.

Learn about all the different animals that live in the sea in this Under the Sea song.

This Silly Pirate Song is an educational song about pirates and the high seas.

We couldn’t make this list without the classic childhood favorite Baby Shark! Sorry to all the parents out there for how long this one will be stuck in your head!

Get Even More Playful Learning with the Full Song Packs

There are so many great ways to build upon the fun kids have as they learn these simple songs. For all 24 songs in this series we’ve put together a full song pack so that you can do some fun extension activities and tie in a bit more math and literacy along the way.

Each song pack set includes:

  • Circle Time Song Charts and Pieces
  • Full-Page Class Book Options
  • Half-Page Emergent Reader Options

Where appropriate, we’ve also added song charts and book options with real photographs.

Extension activities are also suggested for each song.

Also available on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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