Reimagining Grading in K-12 Schools: A Conversation on the Value of Standards-Based Grading

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Standards-based grading continues to gain popularity as schools look to measure students’ mastery of grade-level standards in addition to, or in place of, traditional grades. As school leaders reimagine the grading systems utilized by educators in their community, many find that grading is not a “one-size-fits-all” model.

Watch this webinar to learn from three educational leaders, including published author Dr. Matt Townsley, Dr. Alexandra Baird, Director of Curriculum and Instruction at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Texas, and David Dustin, Principal of Conant Middle-High School in New Hampshire. These leaders have extensive experience with standards-based grading in K-12 schools and discuss:

  • How standards-based grading is different from traditional grading and the impact school leaders are seeing on student growth following implementation
  • Revisioning grading systems flexibly – what works best across grade level bands from elementary to high school
  • Common challenges that arise when revising grading policies in a K-12 community and tangible solutions
  • How to gain buy-in from teachers, students, and families

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