Training For IELTS General Reading Test in 2023

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In Reading test, timing is a very important part to note. You must try to complete it within 20 minutes.

First read the given passage thoroughly and quickly, spend maximum 10 minutes for it.

Try to understand the questions so that you can answer quickly. If a question takes too much time to answer, just skip it.

Try to keep time in hand, ideally 5 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet

Reading Passage

Violent Movies: Cause Violence in Real Life

In recent studies, a frightful observation by the scientists has discovered that watching violent movies make people aggressive in real life. Also it has found in research that aggressive people love and enjoy violent movies and they become more aggressive in nature by the impact of such movies. Researchers also say that the impact is more on teenagers, children, and illiterate lower class people.

One may ask, ‘What literacy has to do with violence?’. Generally speaking, literate people love to stay away from any sort trouble making activities, like vandalism, looting, etc. Especially young boys and middle aged people, usually illiterate and belong to the lower class are found to be active in different sorts of destructive activities. Their aggression gets boosted by watching violent movies.

Now, if we look at the Film Industry worldwide, there are mainly two types of movies, Commercial movies, and Art films. The commercial movies, at least 80% of them are full of violence. When the ‘Hero’ of a movie kills the ‘Villain’ of the movie by torturing him immensely, everyone enjoys it, from child to old man all like to watch the cruel way of killing the villain.

It is also observed in the study, that people mainly belong to the lower class, lower middle class and teenagers of all class enjoy this types of movies. Mostly, young men from lower or lower middle-class family with no cultural background like the ‘Action Packed’ Movies.

Scientists have scanned the brains of two distinctly different class of viewers, to understand the impact of the violent movies on them. The two different classes were – One who is aggressive by nature and have a history of physical fights in real life and Two – Who are calm and quiet and never go physical assaults.

The result they found that the brains of the aggressive peoples become highly active as if they get involved in the fight, and their expressions were like, kill him, beat him to death. As par, the study, their blood pressure, and heart beat went high. While their calmer counterpart shows almost no reaction, their brain didn’t show a major noticeable change at all.

So, scientifically it is proved that ‘Violent’ movies impact ‘Violent’ people directly, which is alarming for the society. Quite a number of crimes have happened, where the pattern of the crime has seen to be reflecting a crime scene of a popular movie. As per study, aggression is a distinguishing feature of a person’s nature, and it grows with the nervous system from the childhood. Children with violent nature have seen to go for physical assault for trifle reasons, this aggression in them get fuel from B-graded violent movies, and these children grow up as hooligans.

All over the world street fight, vandalism, hooliganism, violent outrage, destroying and damaging property for trifle reasons have become a major concern for the society. General innocent people often get trapped into violent activities of hooligans and get injured or lose their life. Shopkeepers and businessman suffer havoc loss in the form of damaged property, broken doors and windows.

Though violent movies are not the only reason behind all these, it is surely one of the most prominent reasons. For instance, when the movies of ‘Bruce Lee’ released, people all over the world became a fan of him, teenagers and young men joined ‘Karate’ class, they view each movie of Bruce Lee again and again.

The real problem noticed gradually across the globe, teenagers and young people became aggressive, they started fighting for trifle reasons copying the action styles of Bruce Lee, street fights became a very common thing. Injuries became concerning. Scientists became worried, they started researching, ‘What happens in the brains of people when they watch violent movies’, for the tests people with noticeable aggressive nature were sort out. An increasing blood pressure was noticed in these guys while watching violent movie scenes on the screen. ‘Brain Metabolic Function’ which is an indicator of brain function showed noticeable change, affirming the scientist theory.

Research on the controversial issue (Whether viewing violent movies aggravate violence or not) got a new direction as the researchers came to a new conclusion. They unanimously decided that people who are prone to lose temper easily or aggressive by nature get substantially impacted by watching violent movies. Bloody scenes, cruel scenes of murdering impact the children, teenagers and aggressive people negatively, these group of people loves to see violent movies with bloody scenes.

The film industry all over the world cash on this to get more viewers, thus making more profit. From no angle making of violent movies is good for the society. There is enough violence over the globe and these violent movies often show new ways of committing a crime, which is harmful and dangerous for the society. Good movies, with minimum violent scenes (if required at all), prophesying moral values can make the world a really better place to live in.

Questions 1-5

Complete the sentences and write your answers in boxes 1-5 on your answer sheet.

Choose MAXIMUM TWO WORDS from the text for each answer.

1) _________ also say that the impact is more on _______ [Researchers, teenagers]

2) lower or lower _______family with no ______ background like the ‘Action Packed’ Movies. [middle-class, cultural]

3) One who is __________ by nature and have a history of ______fights [aggressive, physical]

4) this __________ in them get fuel from ________ violent movies [aggression, B-graded]

5) _______ scenes, cruel scenes of murdering might only have a _____ effect on [Bloody, negative]

Write your answers in boxes 6-9 on your answer sheet.

Questions 6-9 [Do not write your answers in more than two words]

6) Who loves and enjoy violent movies? [ aggressive people ]

7) Who gets trapped into violent activities of hooligans? [ Innocent people ]

8) Children with violent nature have seen to go for what? [ physical assault ]

9) People all over the world became a fan of whom? [Bruce Lee]

Answer the questions by stating true/ false or not given

Write your answers in boxes 10-13 on your answer sheet. Write as stated below:

FALSE if the statement contains wrong information that does not match with the passage

NOT GIVEN If the statement is not at all given in the passage

10) copying the action styles of Bruce Lee, street fights became a very common thing. True

11) Aggressive people often get trapped into violent activities of hooligans. False

12) Innocent people are usually head strong. Not Given

13) Bloody scenes, cruel scenes of murdering might only have a negative effect on children, True

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