What it means to be an Entrepreneur in 2023

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Be an Entrepreneur

Who is an entrepreneur? What does it take to be an entrepreneur? It is interesting to be a successful entrepreneur pretty much because entrepreneurs are go-getters, decision-makers, and individuals seeking available ways to start, grow and establish businesses while creating jobs for others in a technological-driven world.

Successful entrepreneurs can relate how they all started, what worked and did not, sleepless nights, and tough and rough periods of putting the pieces together to grow their empires.

In a fast and digitalized world, it is becoming very common for people to want to be an entrepreneur, especially young ones to aspire to be their own boss. Everyone seems to want to be addressed as an entrepreneur. Even those who keep their 9-5 jobs are lusting after the job of a business owner. While this is good, it pays to understand the job of entrepreneurs and make up your mind as you tread the path.

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Who Is an Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is an individual who starts a business venture with the hope of becoming successful doing it. He or she identifies a problem in any aspect of life or society and finds a way to proffer solutions.

You can characterize him or her as a risk taker, innovator, creative, opportunist, self-starter, goal-getter, salesperson, and more importantly, a person that never gives up on his dreams.

What Are the Roles and Responsibilities of an Entrepreneur?

To be an entrepreneur involves many things. From identifying business opportunities to seeking support. From initiating business activities to foreseeing changes and enacting them. Creating wealth and improving the standard of living are all roles and responsibilities of an entrepreneur.

6 Types of Entrepreneurs

1. Online Entrepreneur

This is a term used for internet entrepreneurs who pursue different means of making money online. They start and grow businesses basically on the Internet. Examples of online entrepreneurs are Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), and Larry Elison (Oracle)

2. Social Entrepreneur

These are individuals who take responsibility to make certain social changes in their environments. They act on their values, beliefs, aims, and personal objectives to either bring social change, modify patterns of behavior or improve the standard of living.

Social entrepreneurs champion non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations, and other socio-economic organizations. They are in different industries which include health, education, law, environment, and services.

Examples of social entrepreneurs are Shiza Shahid, Bill Drayton, Muhammad Yunus, and Dr. Abraham M. George

3. Serial Entrepreneur

Who is a serial entrepreneur? This type of entrepreneur always comes up with new ideas, start a business, then delegates the responsibility of running the operations or sells it off to other investors. He or she is a high-risk taker that continuously introduces new businesses with the intention to sell off in the short or long run. Examples of serial entrepreneurs are billionaire, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, and Josh Kopelman

4. Lifestyle Entrepreneur

These are the most conservative type of entrepreneurs. They focus on trends and lifestyle patterns that resonate well with them and thrive to make money doing it. They are driven by passion than profit and are bent on improving their project. Lifestyle entrepreneurs are usually their own bosses to dedicate time and effort to their projects. Examples are Marie Forleo, Chris Guillebeau, and Pat Flynn.

5. Technopreneur

Technopreneurs are entrepreneurs who start and manage their technology businesses. They merge technology prowess with their entrepreneurial skills to make money and provide solutions. Today, technopreneurship is popular as a result of different individuals using technology to create new products and businesses. Examples are Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs.

6. Self-Employers

This set of entrepreneurs begins with a skill or particular set of skills to make money but they are limited to just owning the business. Although they are hardworking and goal-oriented, they are limited because they typically carry all the responsibilities of an employee.

Self-Employers are where most business owners people find themselves. They have the tendency of becoming successful entrepreneurs if they become more flexible, creative, and confident.

What are the Qualities of Entrepreneurs?

All entrepreneurs share these common qualities they are:

  1. Innovative and committed
  2. Time-conscious and action-oriented
  3. Passionate and self-motivated
  4. Risk taker and independent
  5. Creative and confident
  6. Open-mindedness and strong-willed
  7. Problem identifier and solver
  8. Competitive and a leader
  9. Positive mindset and admiring
  10. Goal setter and a good thinker

Final Thoughts

There is a hope to become a successful entrepreneur to any level you desire. It only takes time and continuous effort to stay a high flyer in the things you do. To be an entrepreneur and successful is more of a lifestyle than a dream.

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