Why Are People Spending More On Travel in 2023?

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Travel in 2023

The rate at which Americans plan travel in 2023 is great and spurs different ideas to trend in the travel industry. Despite price inflation in vacation rentals, airfares, food, and other traveling wares; travelers are not going back on their planned trips or dream destinations.

According to official reports, 62% of Americans plan to spend more on travel in 2023. A number of them ensured they booked their trips in advance enough to ensure their transit and accommodation costs. 16% of them made an appropriate budget available to afford their travel.

Meanwhile, it is not Americans alone who are on the travel high side. Many travelers from Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia are also booking trips and traveling to catch real-time experiences across popular vacation destinations in the world.

“I think people are now realizing the value of experiences. You take something away from people, and they realize how important it is” says Jackie Friedman, president of Nexion Travel group while explaining the high spend in total vacation. As international travel resumes fully, everyone will agree it is a major factor for the upsurge in travel in 2023.

So, from being a discretionary spend to an essential expense for most people, the travel demand is going against the tides of the economic downturn in nations and the world as a whole. When challenges like mass layoffs, high prices, difficulty in transit experiences, and potential recession should keep trips at bay, but the reverse is the result.

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True Reasons Why People Are Spending More On Travel In 2023

The following are reasons people are spending more on travel in 2023

1. Reconnect with Loved Ones

A lot of families have been stranded from seeing their loved ones due to the Covid outbreak. Even when domestic travel began to pick up, it wasn’t the same for international travel as many loved ones reside outside their local countries and environs.

This reconnection is one of the factors that fuels consumers’ revenge travel in 2023. Reconnecting with family seems like the top reason for travel post-pandemic, and it is also the major reason why people are spending more against all odds on travel in 2023.

Reconnection as Comedian Ronny Chieng puts it, is simply spending time with loved ones like mum and dad. The bonds that people share with loved ones is a good reason to spend more on travel in 2023.

2. Change of Scenery

After patient years of staying back in one’s country, the post-pandemic is the perfect time to change scenery. This time many people want to do vacations as far as possible away from home. Enough of the norm. So, even when it seems the cost of travel expenses is increasing, consumers are seeking ways for cheaper alternatives for travel in 2023.

The mentality to get things done right away is on the rise. The pandemic has proved to help people make decisions that give them a sense of peace and fulfillment. So it is not a border, to spend or budget more to make a change of scenery possible.

Also, a lot of people are sacrificing other lifestyle options to travel to some fantastic travel destinations. They tend to ask questions such as how can I maximize this year’s summer? In what ways can I make my travel of superb benefit? What are people doing about travel in 2023? The answers to these questions keep on skyrocketing the numbers of travel in 2023.

3. Use Vouchers And Credit Cancelled By The Pandemic

Many travelers had to cancel their flight credits due to the hit of the pandemic. Since it been so long, these flight credits have already expired or almost.

As travel blooms again including nonessential trips like leisure and cruises, these vouchers are being searched out for use. Fortunately, CNBC gives some insights to check flight credit status. If you have unused airline credits you can use the recommendation.

Instead of postponing trips this time, several people would prefer to forfeit their original vacation destination to liaise with travel companies to go elsewhere to use their vouchers. Vouchers are means travel companies use to mitigate canceled flights in the heat of the pandemic. Instead of refunds, travelers have come to find themselves with vouchers.

According to the New York Times, the airline issued billions of dollars in vouchers and the validity period was extended for when vouchers will be used. For those who still have vouchers within 24 months before the expiration date for booking (Like JetBlue Airways offered consumers), they will jump at it.


Many things happened as a result of Covid 19. It brought the ugly and the bad. However, some significant economic and industry-based improvements wouldn’t have occurred. For the travel industry, the impact of the pandemic was raw but things are beginning to get on the bright side now.

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