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110 Awesome Chemistry Experiments For All Ages

Chemistry experiments are a great way to get kids excited about studying chemistry even at a young age. I…

The Homeschool Room

Dreaming of a great homeschool room? Or dreaming of re-purposing the great homeschool room you rarely use? This is…

Differences Between Butterflies and Moths Worksheet

Have you ever mistaken a butterfly for a moth?  Using the information below and our free Differences Between Butterflies…

Magic Milk Fireworks – Kids Love This Activity!

Kids are fascinated when they see common substances do uncommon things. Mixing milk, soap, and food coloring to create…

Ultimate List of Awesome STEM Activities For Kids

  Keep this list of STEM activities for kids handy for use at school and at home. Your kids…

Homeschooling with Anxiety

As I sat in the passenger seat of our vehicle, I clutched my seatbelt tightly. I couldn’t breathe. I…

Why Homeschooling is a Necessity and Not a Choice!

When our family began homeschooling in 2008 I considered us fortunate to have a CHOICE in my children’s education.…

8 Imaginative Ideas To Create An Art Unit Study For Homeschool Families

When we choose to homeschool, aside from teaching the three Rs, we get to explore many topics our kids…

Homeschooling in Summer Mode

This post was originally published as the introduction to an issue of TheHomeSchoolMom newsletter. Sign up here and get…

FREE 50+ Pages of Solar System Printables

Our 50+ page packet of solar system printables covers the planets, Sun, and asteroid belt. The informational write-ups can…

Hands-On Ocean Study for Kids

A hands-on ocean study for kids is the perfect way to beat the heat by diving deep into the…

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