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Disturbing Student Behaviors That Warrant Immediate Referral

Setting aside your legal obligation to refer students to Child Protective Services if you suspect abuse or neglect, there…

Are the pandemic babies and kids OK?

Another study looked at the duration of the infant’s first year lived during the pandemic and found no relationship…

How science class can inspire students to explore inequities in their communities

From “Teaching for Racial Equity” by Tonya B. Perry, Steven Zemelman and Katy Smith, © 2022, reproduced with permission…

Beyond reading logs and Lexile levels: Supporting students’ multifaceted reading lives

Texts should vary in difficulty and length, Parker said, pulling from work by literacy researcher Tim Shanahan. “The difficulty…

If test scores and attendance are down, how are more students are earning high school diplomas?

“From my perspective you could find and replace ‘DCPS’ [DC Public Schools] for basically any major school system right…

How To Turn Your Classroom From Failure To Excellence

Although in the moment it doesn’t seem like a big deal, accepting less than what you ask of your…

What we do (and don’t) know about teacher shortages, and what can be done about them

Educators shared stories of students learning Spanish from computers, and superintendents doing double duty as substitute teachers. But they…

Garbology is the study of trash. This is why students love it

For Farrer, studying environmental science came with a side of deep existential dread. After spending the first few post-grad…

Why cultivating emotional intelligence among toddlers has become more urgent

In previous years, responses to student emotions and conflicts would vary by teacher, often based on training or experiences,…

Criminal behavior rises among those left behind by school lotteries

“There are many important studies that have documented important, positive effects of school choice,” said Stephen Ross, an economist…

Why You Shouldn’t “Build Community”

In educational parlance, building community means to manufacture it. It means to organize activities and “circles” in order to…

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