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6 Steps for Guiding Students Through Researching and Writing an Animal Report

Are you looking for an exciting way to get your students engaged in learning how to write animal reports?…

The True Purpose Of Classroom Management

The SCM approach to classroom management isn’t complicated. It isn’t burdensome or overbearing. It’s neither stressful nor manipulative. It…

4 Simple-to-Make Task Boxes for Autism Classrooms You’ll Love

Work task boxes for autism classrooms are a great way to keep students with autism engaged and motivated in…

What parents need to know about their teens’ mental health

Mothers and fathers should help their young children build authentic self-esteem by celebrating kids’ actions and avoiding effusive praise.…

Teacher turnover hits new highs across the U.S.

Since the pandemic threw U.S. schools into disarray, many educators and experts warned that more teachers would flee the…

How much does it cost to produce a community college graduate?

“Funding is progressive, but it’s not progressive enough” to provide an equal opportunity for all students, said Jesse Levin,…

3 years since the pandemic wrecked attendance, kids still aren’t showing up to school

And Issac is not alone. Before the pandemic, about 8 million U.S. students were considered chronically absent, according to…

These students raised thousands to make their playground wheelchair-friendly

Her students jumped at the idea, and took it a step further. “We were like, ‘Why can’t we make…

A Big Reason Teachers Struggle With Classroom Management

I know this to be true after years of working with thousands of teachers struggling with classroom management: They…

Worried about ChatGPT and cheating? Here are 4 things teachers should know

“So when people get lazy and [say], ‘Hey, write this thing for me,’ and then take it and use…

How to help young people limit screen time — and improve their body image

“They looked prettier, healthier, more fit,” Thai says. She was well aware that social media posts often feature polished,…
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